The Design Collective For Evans @ London Fashion Week

I’ve been green with envy watching so many bloggers enjoy both New York Fashion Week and now London Fashion Week, but I have no right to be as I was granted an All Access media pass to Vancouver’s Fashion Week which is going on right now!!

I’ve been unable to attend any shows yet, but I’m hoping to pop into a quick one tonight right before I head to see LA Roux in concert {it’s been a good week, as I just won tickets to see her!} and then Friday night as well as Sunday night look like they will be fun to see!

The only thing is, there does not seem to be any plus size fashion showing in my neck of the woods.  But that’s where it gets exciting.  I’ve seen snippets here and there on instagram of the Evans show in London and I was really happy to watch the full show last night as it’s been uploaded to youtube, so I’m going to share that here with you guys!!

Watch this video and follow my favourite looks in the description below!

My personal favourites being:

Look 2, which is an amazing print and makes her bum look delicious, look 4 which is edgy and flowy and sheer, a trifecta for me! Seems like there is a designer changes as things get a modern/vintage twist.  Look 9 is making me truly feel contemporary flapper it definitely giving a nod to the era, but remaining truthful to the current fashion.  I appreciated the vintage Hollywood glam in looks 12 & 14, though I wouldn’t personally wear either, they are lovely and I love the fabrics used in both.  Look 15 continues with the vintage Hollywood glam and let me just say, I wish I had events to wear this amazing green dress to!! The structure & colour are to die for!!

The show takes another turn at this point {change of designer again?}, but just sign me up for that black button up dress already! I want it, gimme gimme!! {and c’mon, those visors are kinda amazeballs!}  I’ll also gladly take the sheer striped dress which, I believe, is look 17 {? I’m losing track} I have a similar waterfall pleather jacket that I purchased from ASOS last year {I believe it’s a New Look design} that would recreate the look perfectly! Look 18 is simple with nice detailing on the crisscross straps, I think it would fit in nicely to anyone’s closet.

Now I’ve completely lost track of numbers, but the asymmetrical periwinkle chiffon dress paired with that extra long gauzy cardigan just makes me dream of white sandy beaches, I’m down.  Why, hello there hi/low sheer peplum top, can we be friends now??  I kinda love that laser cut silver pencil skirt and I’d totally style it with the just mentioned sheer peplum!  I’m feeling that pleated midi skirt, it’d be a lot of fun in the summer, though, it could be fun in the winter too, all shimmering & icy!  I can picture it ice skating, you know, if I ice skated.

And then, there it is, the item I have been looking forward to with bated breathe.  I had only seen ever it so briefly on instagram, the sheer holographic dress!  I want it, like,  yesterday!! I was dying to really see that amazing sheer holographic dress!! I’m completely smitten!  I want to wear it with Chromat or Zana  Bayne or Teale Coco harness’s and accessories!! {which all brands cater to all body sizes!}

What do you think, what were your favourite looks?


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// friday i’m in love #30 //

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top looks I have seen online each week. 

// Aisha from Fat in the City  // Grey Matters

Aisha of Fat in the City // friday i'm in love #30 //
When asked what my favourite colour is, I find I say teal or green as they are actual colours, and I do love them,  but I think my actual favourite colour is a shade and that would be grey!! I love how posh and sophisticated it looks and it definitely looks both on Aisha!

This little shift dress is gorgeously chic on her.  I love the simple sandal and big round glasses she chose to style it with, perfectly simple and effortlessly chic!  I’m also madly in love with her hair!!

Follow Aisha  on her blog instagram , twitter or facebook!


//Andi B. Goode// Button up and short skirts

Andi B Goode // friday i'm in love @30 //

She said it herself in her post “I’m such a sucker for yellow and black! I feel like a bee. Or Batman.” and I completely agree and adore this look.

It’s like mod meets riot girl and I love it!

I love the kitschy, yellow, heart shaped sunnies, the beret and the oh so shiny, kick yo’ ass boots to accessories this look! Not to mention I am also a sucker for button up blouses and mini skirts!

You can follow Andi on her blog , facebook,  pinterest, tumblr or instagram!



I need to mention here and give a HUGE shout out to the ever so lovely and stylish Assa from My Curves & Curls.  She was named as one of the top 5 Canadian plus size bloggers to be following by LouLou magazine! Congrats!!

She is so gracious, that she took this opportunity to introduce 18 other Canadian bloggers she felt should get some love and she included me!  I woke up to this on Monday morning and literally “SQUEE’d”.  She’s so kind and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for including me!!  Please go check out the other beautiful & stylish Canadian ladies on her list!

18 Canadian plus size bloggers you must absolutely know aboutMy curves & Curls


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// friday i’m in love #29 //

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top 3 looks I have seen online each week. 

This week I’m featuring some darker dames, or just some dames rocking a darker hues like black, midnight blue & navy!

// Raissa of The Leather Fanny Pack  // How to Be Goth in the Summer

Raissa of the leather fanny pack // friday i'm in love #29 //

Raissa of the leather fanny pack // friday i'm in love #29 //

images are borrowed from her blog

Oh how I adore chiffon.  Black chiffon is a dream fabric for me, I could easily own a million pieces in black chiffon and treasure every piece!

I was just acquainted with Raissa this week and now I am an avid fan, following her everywhere I can around the internets!  She seems to be a kindred spirit, which is always deliciously exciting to encounter!

I adore how Raissa styled this frock!  The shiny Agent Provocateur bra under this button up dress is divinely chic!!

I urge you to follow Raissa  on her blog instagram , tumblr, pinterest & lookbook!


2//Stephanie Zwicky from le blog de big beauty//nuisette

Stephanie Zwicky from le blog de big beauty // friday i'm in love #29 //

Stephanie Zwicky from le blog de big beauty // friday i'm in love #29 //

images borrowed from her blog

Stephanie is very well known and for good cause, her style and tastes are impeccable!!

I adore this look for many reasons:

One, being that I have been drooling after this ASOS dress for a few months now!

Two, I really want a sleeveless blazer.

Three, look a the texture of this blazer!!!

Four, I adore midnight blue. {If I could only pick three colours to wear for the rest of my life, they would be black, midnight blue & blush}

Five, I just love how she styled this outfit!  It’s so pulled together, so incredibly chic with its monochrome look and just the right punch of gold and white as accents!

You can follow Stephanie on her blog , facebook,  pinterest or instagram!


3// Katie from // The Orchard

Katie Louise Ford // friday i'm in love #29 //

Katie Louise Ford // friday i'm in love #29 //

images borrowed from her blog

I am so smitten with how wonderfully perfect this vintage outfit is executed by the ever so lovely Katie Louise Ford.

I did chose one of the racier photos from her set, but I just needed to illustrate that she had the details down all the way to the under garments!!

This shade looks so lovely on her.  I love the cloche and stole {I very much want a vintage stole, my Grandmother has some beautiful vintage mink stoles, but I don’t have the courage to ask her for them}.  The setting, in the orchard, its absolutely lovely as well!


You can follow Katie on her blog, facebook, pinterest or instagram!


I hope you enjoy the amazing style of these three lovely ladies and hope you give them each a follow as they are all very much deserving!


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style icon challenge // Anna Piaggi

anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie


anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie


This week, in lieu of my normal {friday i’m in love} I am joining a amazingly fun group of bloggers and participating in a fun challenge! (this helps as I have been away for the week and not seen any outfits to post)

The challenge is to recreate the look of a Style Icon!  At first I toyed with ideas are Marlene Dietrich, but I just don’t have the proper pant suits I’d like in order to portray her, so my mind pondered and Anna Piaggi floated to the top pretty quick!

I have always been a HUGE fan of the a particular part of the fashion elite known as the eccentrics!  I adore their wild abandon when it comes to fashion and love how many of them act as muses for talented designers.  For them, fashion is truly a way of life and everyday is a work of art!

I recreated 3 looks by her and had an absolute blast playing with the theatrical make up, whimsical accessories and textures in the items she choose.

I admire her gusto and zest for eccentricity!

This weeks participants in the Style Icon Challenge are:

//  Michelle from Zaftigtimes

//  Aarti from Curves Become Her

//  Zadry from Curves à la Mode

// Veronica from Cid Style File

This was a lot of fun to do, though extremely hot!  Summer plus hat & fur & layers is a crazy mix!!

I cannot wait to see what each lady did!  I’m so happy to have the chance to participate!

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july wishlist // urbanog shoes

urbanog shoes // wishlist // margot meanie

// Kitty Embroidered Loafer in black or gold

// Breckelle Gina-21 Strappy Almond Toe Ankle Bootie in soft peach

//Bamboo Becca Sandal Platform Wedge in black

// Popi-3 Leatherette Buckle Cut Out Open Toe Chunky Heel in black

// Wild Diva Lounge Elfi-04 Open Toe Wedge Bootie in black

// Breckelle Bahama-11 Mesh Strappy Open Toe Bootie in black

// Qupid Tuxedo-24 Cut Out Lace Up Almond Toe Oxford Flat in camel

// Vibe Two Tone Ankle Strap Open Toe Heel in white or metallic black

If I had the budget, I could easily turn into one of those girls with a “shoe problem”  though  I would never see it as a problem, as you’d always have the shoes you wish you had for each outfit variation!

I’m really digging all the big chunky shoes lately.  They totally remind me of the nineties, though a tad more chic.  I’m also falling for other styles, which I never thought I’d go for, like strappy heels, kinda ugly yet cool booties or tobacco colour flats.

It’s a whole new world of fashion I’ve opened myself up to and I’m LOVING every minute of it….even more so if I could own them all!

These are my top picks after perusing around urbanog’s MASSIVE shoe selection.  They are all fast fashion finds, which means they are cheap cheap cheap, making it a lot easier to own all the trendy shoes you’re currently coveting.  Seriously, the most expensive pair here is $40 the cheapest is $15!!  You definitely need to hunt through, as they have some gawd awful footwear in there and some strange and fascinating {almost of the verge of avant garde, if matched with the right outfit}  items as well, but I have no doubt you’ll find some shoes that appeal to your tastes!

Of course the quality may not last through multiple seasons, but I’m usually ok with that, as I never have the funds to invest in high quality shoes, especially on a collection.  But since most of them are heels and wouldn’t be getting tones and tonnes of everyday wear, i think they’d last until next year at least!

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// friday i’m in love #28 //

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top 3 looks I have seen online each week. 

Suit up ladies!!  Nothing makes me swoon more than a lady rocking a suit!! Here are this weeks pick!!

// Paige of Pebbles Beaufort  // The Full Set

pebbles beaufort // friday I'm in love #28 // margot meanie

photos borrowed from her blog

This girl looks divine, she’s a total femme fatale!!  I’m completely enamored with her blue, Hollywood/mermaid locks and how amazingly tailored this suit is on her!!

I love, love, looove how she accessorized with a bright red lippie and a bad ass , spiked ear cuff!


You can follow Paige on her blog instagram or tumblr!


2//Assa from My Curves & Curls //FRENCH CURVES: “incarner un personnage réel ou fictif”

my curve and curls // friday i'm in love // margot meanie

photos borrowed from her blog

This week marked a huge collaborative event in the French Curves group {man I wish I could speak french fluently, I am very much a novice} in which they were instructed to recreate a look.

Assa chose to replicate a look by Miroslava Duma, who is a former editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia.  These two pieces aren’t actually a matching suit, but I’m so impressed with how close they look!  Click here to see the original, I think she did a perfect tribute!

You can follow Assa on her blog , facebook or instagram!


3// Rosa from Rosariummmm // Clueless Chick

roseriummm // friday I'm in love #28 // margot meanie

photos borrowed from her blog

Rosa’s timing could not have been better, as I was searching for a third bad ass girl who has suited up,  there she was, at the top of my instagram feed in a super cute skirt suit!

Perfectly reminiscent of “Clueless”,  she’s rocking this suit in style and I adore it!  Can you believe she re-purposed this from an old suit from the 80’s her mom gave her?!! Brilliant!

You can follow Rosa on her blog, tumblr or instagram!



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// friday i’m in love #27 //

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top 3 looks I have seen online each week. 

I sadly missed last weeks friday i’m in love due to feeling under the weather, but I’m back this week with some edgy babes!

// Genevieve of Mllechevre  // The Great Escape

friday i'm in love #26 // Genevieve of mllechevre //

image borrowed from her lookbook

Hello chiffon!! Easily my favourite fabric of the summer, especially when used with a maxi!! I adore this monochrome ombre chiffon maxi.

She looks so perfectly edgy with her flaming red hair, bowler hat & nose piercing! I swoon!

Those white frames are pretty kickin’ as well!

You can follow Genevieve on her tumblr,  instagram, lookbook or check out her photography on her website!


2//Nadia from Throwing a Curve Ball // Black Hi-Lo

friday i'm in love #26 // Nadia of throwingacurveball  //

image borrowed from her instagram

I have just found Nadia on instagram and I am smitten beyond belief with her cute stylishness!

I adore her all black outfit with a helleva statement necklace in silver.  The added leopard slippers are just the right bad ass touch along with a black leather jacket, which I’m pretty sure might be the definition of “edgy”, go look it up, I’ll wait ;)

You can follow Nadia on her blog or instagram!


3// Sallamari from Mangos for Flamingos // Day at the car show

friday i'm in love #26 // Sallamari of Mangos for Flamingos  //

image burrowed from her lookbook


This gal is SUCH a cutie patootie!!  Her blog is in Finnish, so when it translates I’m always a bit baffled, but she seems like a ton of fun!

This look is adorable edgy!  The stripy 3/4 length tee is awesome, paired with this full midi skirt and bright yellow tights!  I love her hair and BIG round shades!

Side note, her pose in this shot somewhat reminds me of the tightrope portrait in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion!

You can follow Ashley on her blog, lookbook or instagram!


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