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#rebelliousselflove | week two + an announcement!

Yet again, I am a day late { and a dollar short } for my weekly round up of my instagram challenge, #rebelliousselflove.

But I have good reasons!

I have been working my buns off to get my new site up and working all before my 2nd blogiversary hits next week! { and my icloud was acting up not allowing me to access my screengrabs..pfft }

I had been having issues with making the site properly live, as sometimes it would link correctly and othertimes it would go to the old site, D’oh! Happily it seems to have settled down because on Saturday I kick off my blogiversary celebration with the first of FOUR giveaways!

That right FOUR giveaways!

Saturday’s giveaway will be kindly awarded from mega babe indie designer Shawna from Chubby Cartwheels. I am such a fan of Shawna’s brand and her as a person, I am ecstatic she was on board! You will have the chance to win your pick of either the “Diet Industry Dropout” top { cropped or full length } OR a bodysuit! Can you say W00t?!! {her site is set to vacation, but she’ll be back in early October to award the prize!}

Then on Tuesday you get the chance to win a $50 gift certificate from SWAK designs, you’ve been seeing me rock a few of there looks recently, {here, here & here } so this is your chance to rock something from them as your own!

Thursday brings a giveaway brought to us by my cool gals at Society + { formerly known as Cool Gal Blue } with your chance at a $50 gift certificate and perhaps a special announcement will accompany the contest! #SQUEEE

And on Saturday Sept 26th, you get the chance to win a $100 gift certificate from Buxom Modern Plus Boutique! You may know them from instagram, their account is really active in the body positive hashtags, if not you should totes check them out, Jenny is a total peach!

I’m so excited for next week, I could BURST! And as a little something extra, every winner will also receive a copy of Bush Magazine, Canada’s own inclusive fashion and lifestyle magazine!

I hope you’re all stoked for it like I am!

Now, on the the #RebelliousSelfLove round up:

Day 8: a mirror selfie

#RebelliousSelfLove - Day 8

@frkgisse, @jauane, @countessbath0ry & @sabrinaateam

This was a great chance to see the participants a little more fully and casually, we got everything from #ootd’s to artist introspective looking mirror selfies!

Day 9: your favourite shoes

#RebelliousSelfLove - Day 9

@stay.strong.guppies, @mb_really, @jezziekah_rae & @krkeeny

y’all got some killer taste in shoes!  I liked how many expected it all to be fancy heels, which, there definitely were, but there were a lot of ass kicking boots and comfy feets involved as well and a fair number that preferred their bare toesies!

Day 10: shout out your role model

#RebelliousSelfLove - Day 10@hellobhav, @queline123 , @catcancraft & @kenickiestreet

This was a heart warming day in the challenge. There were so many love notes to mothers, family members, long time best friends, bloggers, models comedians and activists alike! And many new people to look into if you hadn’t heard of them yet!

Day 11: your favourite body part {on you}

#RebelliousSelfLove - Day 11

@war.painted_, @alcarty, @mayeber & @mkeknits

Some of you broke my heart, some of you made me cry with laughter. But Day 11 made it abundantly clear why self love challenges are a necessity sometimes. I also really loved seeing the unique body parts that I would not have thought of being featured, strong shoulders and the nape of the neck were a couple that intrigued me.

Day 12: Treat Yo’self

#RebelliousSelfLove - Day 12

@_rosaibeth@sapphiresplendour, @_katikins_ & @scarlettsixgun

My goodness, am I ever freaking proud of how you all treated yo’selves! It was a frenzy and I LOVED it! Seriously, trips were booked to new continents, hauls were purchased, my gawds, the pumpkin lattes were drunk!! You all did me real proud! But I have to say a personal favourite was when @scartlettsixgun { pictured above } treated herself to some self love.

Day 13: your favourite quote

#RebelliousSelfLove - Day 13

@secretplussizegoddess, @alishawonders, @my_tiny_death & @missravensland

Day 13 was a good day. Many words of wisdom were shared and I think we all learned a lot about each other with each person sharing which quote came to mind first or quotes that have always held true in their hearts!

Day 14: give us a wink

Day 14 was a video challenge day, so you’ll just have to head over to #rebelliousselflove on instagram to check them out! There were some good ones!

I’ll actually leave you with my entry for Day 13…

Hunter S Thompson

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margot meanie | SWAK designs, Society + & f21+

outfit | killing me softly

I swoon!

Over these photos taken by Jesse Smith and particularly over this Bianca chiffon duster from SWAK.

Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style, wearing SWAK designs

bianca chiffon duster – c/o SWAK | lace short – my collection from c/o Cool Gal Blue {sold out, similar in cream} | crop top – forever 21 + {sold out} | wide brim fedora – forever 21 | pointy toe flat lace up booties – urbanog

I told you you’d get sick of this hat!!! But it’s in one more outfit from this shoot day, so bare with me.

I have to say, I felt pretty powerful in this outfit. The duster would catch the breeze and I felt like a frickin model! This is going to be very popular over a simple outfit of black leggings with a tank and it will notch the fashion level up on such a comfy and simple outfit.

It comes in two prints, but my heart belongs to black lace, so it was the obvious pick for me!

It’s just so pretty!

Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style, wearing SWAK designsMargot Meanie | rebellious plus size style, wearing SWAK designs Margot Meanie | rebellious plus size style, wearing SWAK designs

Something else about these photos, I am wearing ankle booties, with bare legs. This is something young me would have never done. I used to HATE my stems with a fiery passion. If I wore anything that cut me off above the ankle I thought I looked atrocious. But now, my legs may just be my favourite body part! I love showing them off and I get compliments all the time!

Just goes to show, that tailoring your media can open your eyes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And it allows you the chance to see it in yourself and in others.

photos by Jesse Smith

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outfit | killing me softly // appeared first on


***affiliate links are utilized in this post. I receive a tiny commission per click which makes it possible for me to make this site better.


Canadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plus

outfit | makes me wanna cry

Oh, that title is misleading.

But maybe this dress makes me want to cry tears of joy.  But even more accurately, it’s my first purchase from UK brand Boohoo, and I am SMITTEN!

Canadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plus Canadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plusCanadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plus

Boohoo “Robyn Double Layer” dress | bag – Avenue {sold out similar here } 

This dress is breezy, flirty and comfortable!

I ordered it in a Canadian 20 {UK 24} and it is generous in size, I think I could have sized down one size. But It flows nicely, I love it anyway.

The fabric is polyester, but because of the cut and fit, it’s still really cool. And it unwrinkled like a dream if you pop it in the dryer for 5 minutes!

This dress is almost sold out, so get on it quick!!

IMG_5715 Canadian plus size blogger, Margot Meanie, wearing Boohoo plus

I also ordered a long line sleeveless cardi which will be featured soon! I can’t wait to rock it for Autumn. It’s a gorgeous knit, with a waterfall lapel and it belts. Totally dreamy!

In addition to these two total scores, there was one flop. I ordered the Leila mesh crop bikini. I didn’t even bother tryng on the bottoms once I tried on the top and saw what a disaster it was. There was zero support, my boobs literally fall out the bottom of the top. Then there were other disappointing features, like the “cup” molding pieces {which were tiny} weren’t sewn in place, so they float around, spin around, move around, I don’t know if mine was faulty, or that’s how they make them all. But that was a MAJOR let down.

But let’s not end this post on a downer…

Are you going to participate in my #rebelliousselflove challenge in September? I would love to see you bright shining faces flipping the bird! Feel free to share this image and you can start using the hashtag now if you feel it!

margot meanie's rebellious self love instagram challenge

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margot meanie | wearing candy strike

outfit | Ravens for Babens

ok, that title was a streeeeetch!! haha…but it goes well with Wednesdays post “crows before bros” where I featured one of my pieces from indie designer, Candy Strike. 

Today I bring you some boho, gothy, monochrome chicness.

margot meanie | wearing candy strike margot meanie | wearing candy strike margot meanie | wearing candy strikemargot meanie | wearing candy strike

blazer – c/o Cool Gal Blue | crop – c/o Candy Stike  | bag – c/o Avenue { sold out }

I styled this look two ways. The first with a blazer to show how I would wear this three quarters of the year { Fall, Winter, Spring }. The Second with a vest, which I could wear another three quarters of the year, { Spring, Summer Fall…Hooray for moderate, pacific north west weather! } The vest is also an old staple piece bought long long ago from f21+.

The blazer is from Cool Gal Blue, you can get it in black from my collection or you can get it in White or Coral from Jessica Kane’s collection { I guess I hit the nail on the head with finding that gem, so much so Jessica loved it enough to include it in her collection as well! }

The crop is my second piece gifted from Candy Strike.  I have to say, I was surprised when I opened my package to see and feel the fabric. I had originally thought when we ran the contest on alternativecurves that the fabric would be a cotton blend/jersey type of fabric, but in actuality, it’s spandex! I really like how the fabric sits and the added weight really makes the skater skirt sit well and the top drapes across the bust in a really pleasing way! I do admit, when I saw Elizabeth sent me 2X’s, I was nervous. My chest always bumps me up to 3X’s, but in this case, it fit really well.

The skirt is an older maxi dress I got from forever 21 + well over a year ago. I really like that I can convert it to a skirt by folding the jersey fabric tank top underneath. Though a funny thing is, the more I wear sheer clothing and crop tops and the more comfortable in my body I am, the more I think, hmm, “that inside hemline need to come up a bit to show off more leg“, or “maybe I don’t need to wear an undershirt under this sheer blouse, I can just rock a bra or bandeau“, it’s liberating and refreshing and shows the power of dressing for yourself.

You’ve all seen this hat, as it’s a tried and true staple, also from f21 { seriously, I do get a lot of cheap staples/scores from f21, don’t I?! }. The sunnies are from my Cool Gal collection as well, but they are all sold out.

I also accessorized with my avenue bag, thrifted sandals, some vintage necklaces, metallic tattoo accents under my eyes, a moody lippy blend and earrings by etsy seller peachtreats.

I hope you all have some wonderful weekend plans ahead! My Father in Law is headed out for a fun weekend, including a massive streetfest on Sunday. I’ll make sure to snap and instagram my day on “The Drive” { it’s the popular nickname for my neighbourhood } But before all that, we have a big backyard BBQ planned for this evening that I am about to run off and start prep and set up for!

feel free to add me on snapchat under “margotmeanie

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The Body Politik | waxing for EVERY body

Hello Lovelies!

Today I am bringing you something a little different.  No ootd, no shopping wishlist, no plus size news.  Instead, I am going to introduce you to my friend Carmen Perez.

Carmen owner of The Body Politik a body positive wax bar in Vancouver BC

I’ve known Carmen for almost a decade now, we met whilst working at a party rental & supply store  { oh the stories we have! } and we’ve been friends ever since. In fact, she stood at my wedding almost five years ago! She’s a feisty, take no bullshit kind of lass with a sailor mouth and a rye sense of humour that I just adore. On top of being all around awesome, she is also a brand new business owner!

After going to school for make up and esthetics she’s bopped around Vancouver working at different spas and salons getting a feel for the industry and finding her favourite aspects of the job.  After leaving her last job for a new opportunity she realised she didn’t feel 100% comfortable with the contract offered and found herself in a bind. After a little soul searching she decided to take the plunge and go into business for herself, but with a twist!

Since she has been around the industry, she’s seen things she likes and others that made her cringe. So she came to the conclusion to open The Body Politik, “waxing for EVERY body”, a body positive wax bar.  { Hooray for body positivity making it to more businesses!!! }But, you may ask, what does that means exactly, so I asked her to spare some time in her hectic, opening a brand new business schedule to answer some questions I had.

The Body Politik a body positive wax bar located in Vancouver BC


Margot: What prompted you to go into business for yourself but with a body positive platform?

Carmen: There’s a lot of chatting that goes on during a waxing appointment; sometimes it’s because of nerves, other times it’s just banter with a regular. One thing that’s always stood out for me is that people consistently apologize to me for their bodies the first time I see them. Women, no matter their age and whether a size 2 or 24 will bring my attention to the perceived imperfections of their bellies, their thighs, pointing out surgical scars and cellulite. I’ve had clients tell me about being charged more for their Brazilian wax because, according to their Esthetician, they’re bigger, so they need to pay more. Essentially a fat tax, which, let’s face it, is bullshit on a lot of levels. The kicker for me though was reading a Yelp review about one esthetician at a very well-known Vancouver wax bar who was busted by said Yelper for making some judgmental and ultimately degrading comments about her clients on Facebook. The woman who wrote the review was quite rightfully angry and upset and it just made me feel sick to read. I was shocked. It can already be daunting to undress and be vulnerable for a stranger, never mind having to worry about having your private parts discussed on social media! I just thought, you know, I would never want anyone seeing me to feel like that was even a possibility.

M: What does “waxing for EVERY body” mean to you?

C: Big bodies, little bodies, cis bodies, trans bodies, battle scarred or airbrush perfect: Every body is beautiful. Every body is deserving of care.

The Body Politik a body positive wax bar located in Vancouver BCThe Body Politik a body positive wax bar located in Vancouver BC

{ photos courtesy of Allison White }

M: Do you have any words to put people at ease that are curious to try these kinds of services but feel intimated or embarrassed?

C: First and foremost I try to make sure my client knows exactly what we’re going to be doing so there’s no surprises. I’ll explain the process and answer any questions they have. But I think other than being concerned about pain level, most people are just shy about having a stranger all up in their business! I just let them know that I totally get why they’re nervous or shy (and I do, I had a first time too!) but that I’m not here to judge them. Bodies are just bodies, I look at them all day, I have one of my own, and I don’t think they’re anything to be embarrassed over. I’m just here to wax you, not to shame you!

M: What tips would you give to someone going to get waxed for the first time? { like, what should they expect and what should they do to prep? }

C: No lotions or creams beforehand as they make it difficult for the wax to grip the hair which can result in broken and missed hairs. Plan on staying out of the pool, hot tub, or ocean for the next 24-48 hours – salt water will sting like the dickens, and you don’t want to expose freshly waxed skin to the bacteria in pools and hot tubs.

As for pain? Yes, it will hurt a little but the more you tense and hold your breath the worse it will be, so breathe and try to relax your body. It’s definitely much better than you think it will be, but if you’re really concerned about pain you can take some Advil about 40 minutes before your appointment. Of course using hard wax is also an option for those with super sensitive skin.

M: What is your favourite part of your job?

C: It’s all about the power of transformation for me. I feel like people really like to poopoo the perceived superficiality of the beauty industry, and there is a lot about it that’s silly, but there is an undeniable link between looking good and feeling good; just ask anyone who has had to deal with cystic acne, or lost their hair to chemo. Looking good definitely isn’t everything, but it is something. I just feel really lucky to be able to help people with that.

I’m glad that body positivity is coming into it’s own and there are smart business owners jumping on board and making it a part of their platform, especially seeing businesses outside of plus size clothing. It makes you question why more companies aren’t pushing to make people feel comfortable. There are few things worse than going to treat yourself with a bit of self care and being made to feel terrible for any reason but especially being body shamed in any way.

I think one of the things she said that resonates the most, is “all bodies are deserving of care” and that is a wonderful platform to be standing on.

I’m so proud of my friend, and I am wishing her all the success in the world, which I am sure she shall achieve, as she is talented and tenacious!

Let me know, have you been waxed before? what was your experience? Do you think more businesses, especially body care businesses should be body positive?

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friday i'm in love | #30

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top looks I have seen online each week. 

// Aisha from Fat in the City  // Grey Matters

Aisha of Fat in the City // friday i'm in love #30 //
When asked what my favourite colour is, I find I say teal or green as they are actual colours, and I do love them,  but I think my actual favourite colour is a shade and that would be grey!! I love how posh and sophisticated it looks and it definitely looks both on Aisha!

This little shift dress is gorgeously chic on her.  I love the simple sandal and big round glasses she chose to style it with, perfectly simple and effortlessly chic!  I’m also madly in love with her hair!!

Follow Aisha  on her blog instagram , twitter or facebook!


//Andi B. Goode// Button up and short skirts

Andi B Goode // friday i'm in love @30 //

She said it herself in her post “I’m such a sucker for yellow and black! I feel like a bee. Or Batman.” and I completely agree and adore this look.

It’s like mod meets riot girl and I love it!

I love the kitschy, yellow, heart shaped sunnies, the beret and the oh so shiny, kick yo’ ass boots to accessories this look! Not to mention I am also a sucker for button up blouses and mini skirts!

You can follow Andi on her blog , facebook,  pinterest, tumblr or instagram!



I need to mention here and give a HUGE shout out to the ever so lovely and stylish Assa from My Curves & Curls.  She was named as one of the top 5 Canadian plus size bloggers to be following by LouLou magazine! Congrats!!

She is so gracious, that she took this opportunity to introduce 18 other Canadian bloggers she felt should get some love and she included me!  I woke up to this on Monday morning and literally “SQUEE’d”.  She’s so kind and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for including me!!  Please go check out the other beautiful & stylish Canadian ladies on her list!

18 Canadian plus size bloggers you must absolutely know aboutMy curves & Curls


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# alternativecurves

#alternativecurves // margot meanie

It can be daunting trying to find someone to look up to as a plus size girl wanting to explore fashion.  Luckily, the plus size fashion blogging community is flourishing!  There has never been so many stylish women to look up to and so accessible through social media!

One of the biggest steps towards self love and embracing yourself is to seek out and find beauty in people of varying sizes and styles.  The more you surround yourself with diversity, the more beauty you find! Being visible to other women is important as it can positively affect how they see themselves and give them the encouragement to go out and do their own thing!

As plus size bloggers, we are already a niche within the fashion community, but being alternative can place us in niches within our niche!

I’d like to create a positive and embracing hashtag to include all the beautiful and positive examples of alternative plus size fashion!  There are so many different styles within alternative culture and MANY women looking for role models and style gurus to help them find clothing that suits their unique style and unique bodies or to just see other women in positive ways that are like them in media.

I’d like to make the alternative girls more visible and accessible through the use of #alternativecurves on any social media.  A one stop hashtag to find other alternative girls where we can take inspiration from and solace knowing we are out there and we are fierce!

#alternativecurves // margot meanie #alternativecurves // margot meanie

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#alternativecurves  // first appeard on


outfit | flower girl

flower girl // margot meanieflower girl // margot meanie

flower girl // margot meanie

flower girl // margot meanie

flower girl // margot meanie

flower girl // margot meanie

flower girl // margot meanie

flower girl // margot meanie

I have been terrible at getting any outfits posts up lately.  I blame it on the incredible heat & having far too much summer fun with friends!

Today I just did a simple outfit mixing blush tones with black, which I adore!  Sorry I dont have more to write, but I hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as I am!! {you can follow my summer shenanigans a wee bit through my instagram!}

I promise to get better at posting an outfit per week!!

What i wore:

//kimono & hat – forever21+

//geometric sakura shift dress – dress911

//lace socks – ardene

//wedge shoes “bamboo” – urbanog

//opal medusa labret disc – industrial strength

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friday i'm in love | #29

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top 3 looks I have seen online each week. 

This week I’m featuring some darker dames, or just some dames rocking a darker hues like black, midnight blue & navy!

// Raissa of The Leather Fanny Pack  // How to Be Goth in the Summer

Raissa of the leather fanny pack // friday i'm in love #29 //

Raissa of the leather fanny pack // friday i'm in love #29 //

images are borrowed from her blog

Oh how I adore chiffon.  Black chiffon is a dream fabric for me, I could easily own a million pieces in black chiffon and treasure every piece!

I was just acquainted with Raissa this week and now I am an avid fan, following her everywhere I can around the internets!  She seems to be a kindred spirit, which is always deliciously exciting to encounter!

I adore how Raissa styled this frock!  The shiny Agent Provocateur bra under this button up dress is divinely chic!!

I urge you to follow Raissa  on her blog instagram , tumblr, pinterest & lookbook!


2//Stephanie Zwicky from le blog de big beauty//nuisette

Stephanie Zwicky from le blog de big beauty // friday i'm in love #29 //

Stephanie Zwicky from le blog de big beauty // friday i'm in love #29 //

images borrowed from her blog

Stephanie is very well known and for good cause, her style and tastes are impeccable!!

I adore this look for many reasons:

One, being that I have been drooling after this ASOS dress for a few months now!

Two, I really want a sleeveless blazer.

Three, look a the texture of this blazer!!!

Four, I adore midnight blue. {If I could only pick three colours to wear for the rest of my life, they would be black, midnight blue & blush}

Five, I just love how she styled this outfit!  It’s so pulled together, so incredibly chic with its monochrome look and just the right punch of gold and white as accents!

You can follow Stephanie on her blog , facebook,  pinterest or instagram!


3// Katie from // The Orchard

Katie Louise Ford // friday i'm in love #29 //

Katie Louise Ford // friday i'm in love #29 //

images borrowed from her blog

I am so smitten with how wonderfully perfect this vintage outfit is executed by the ever so lovely Katie Louise Ford.

I did chose one of the racier photos from her set, but I just needed to illustrate that she had the details down all the way to the under garments!!

This shade looks so lovely on her.  I love the cloche and stole {I very much want a vintage stole, my Grandmother has some beautiful vintage mink stoles, but I don’t have the courage to ask her for them}.  The setting, in the orchard, its absolutely lovely as well!


You can follow Katie on her blog, facebook, pinterest or instagram!


I hope you enjoy the amazing style of these three lovely ladies and hope you give them each a follow as they are all very much deserving!


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// friday i'm in love #28 //

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top 3 looks I have seen online each week. 

Suit up ladies!!  Nothing makes me swoon more than a lady rocking a suit!! Here are this weeks pick!!

// Paige of Pebbles Beaufort  // The Full Set

pebbles beaufort // friday I'm in love #28 // margot meanie

photos borrowed from her blog

This girl looks divine, she’s a total femme fatale!!  I’m completely enamored with her blue, Hollywood/mermaid locks and how amazingly tailored this suit is on her!!

I love, love, looove how she accessorized with a bright red lippie and a bad ass , spiked ear cuff!


You can follow Paige on her blog instagram or tumblr!


2//Assa from My Curves & Curls //FRENCH CURVES: “incarner un personnage réel ou fictif”

my curve and curls // friday i'm in love // margot meanie

photos borrowed from her blog

This week marked a huge collaborative event in the French Curves group {man I wish I could speak french fluently, I am very much a novice} in which they were instructed to recreate a look.

Assa chose to replicate a look by Miroslava Duma, who is a former editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia.  These two pieces aren’t actually a matching suit, but I’m so impressed with how close they look!  Click here to see the original, I think she did a perfect tribute!

You can follow Assa on her blog , facebook or instagram!


3// Rosa from Rosariummmm // Clueless Chick

roseriummm // friday I'm in love #28 // margot meanie

photos borrowed from her blog

Rosa’s timing could not have been better, as I was searching for a third bad ass girl who has suited up,  there she was, at the top of my instagram feed in a super cute skirt suit!

Perfectly reminiscent of “Clueless”,  she’s rocking this suit in style and I adore it!  Can you believe she re-purposed this from an old suit from the 80’s her mom gave her?!! Brilliant!

You can follow Rosa on her blog, tumblr or instagram!



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// friday i’m in love #28 // appeared first on