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I have been a bloggy blog slacker lately!! yeeesh!

Last week over a week ago, the lovely and wonderfully geeky Mariko from Gamerwife nominated me for two blog awards, as she, herself was nominated for both!  I appreciate that she combined them into one and made it an option to either choose to answer 5 questions or reveal 7 facts about ourselves.

I’ve not been nominated for this style of blog award before.  Up until now I had only been aware of the Liebster award. I know they’re more like blogger chain letters than actual awards, but they are cute, fun and sent with the positive intention of highlighting blogs you like. Which I am totally on board for!

I have chosen to do “The 7 deadly facts about Margot Meanie”:

1Margot Meanie is not my real name *gasp*, but I know that’s probably hardly a surprise.  It is an alias I came up with 13 or 14 years ago now.  I was designing a character somewhat similar to Emily the Strange, she was a red haired goth brat wearing a skull bow on top of her head with a stoic stuffed bat friend named Mortimer. I didn’t do much to flesh her out, but somehow the name stuck. I won’t be divulging my IRL name, but, I do answer to Margot! I  have even  given genuine thought to actually changing it.


2- I am a crafty bugger!  I LOVE to craft things.  My current crafty obsession is cross stitching.  I’ve done some fun ambitious pieces in the past year or two that were full of colour and tons of stitches, but recently I started doing slightly macabre and very minimalist designs.

My big crafty aspiration is to learn how to work with resin and how to create my own molds to make blasphemous nerdy jewelry!

3– I can make a triple loop with my tongue!

4– I am a kitchen wizard!  I have even thought about starting a cooking blog, but I want a better camera first.  Food blogs are all about the pretty, mouth watering  pictures, right?!  I cook almost everything from scratch and I like to challenge myself with new things.  I seldom use a recipe, unless it has to do with baking.  I’m not the best baker because I like to free form way too much and sticking to the rules can be such a drag, but if you don’t it ruins your baking!

5– I like to open all the tabs whilst internet browsing and close them as I go.  I feel productive that way, like I’m ticking stuff of my list.  I know it drives some people batty.

6– I have 13 tattoos, one is a cover up.  I always meant to write a tattoo post about cover ups and how they work.  Hopefully I will get around to that at some  point.  I also had a request to talk about white ink tattoos that I’d like to write up as well.  Some of my most popular posts on my blog have to do with tattoos and tattoo etiquette, and  I really haven’t written about them much as of late.

7– I am a a fan of unlucky, spooky & devilish things! Black cats, the number 13, Ouija boards, anything to do with Hallowe’en?  I’m generally on board.  I used to be über gothy but as I “grew up” I tamed it down a bit.  I would never say I’m a” recovering goth” as there is nothing to recover from,  I allow my gothy undertones to shine whenever they may! And as I have said many times before I have always been a style chameleon, so even at my gothiest, I would still wear items not deemed “goth”.   I truly do and wear what I want, I kind of hate subscribing to labels.

Which brings me to an a couple of outfit photos from this past week   I wore this to go Hallowe’en shopping with my bestie.  If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen one of these already!

Hallowe'en shopping // margot meanie

Hallowe'en shopping // margot meanie


I’m wearing a striped dress I purchased from Forever21 last year {similar, similar}, with a button up sleeveless chiffon blouse underneath, also from Forever21 {this item might just be my #1 staple!!} I’m also wearing a New Look Inspire waterfall faux leather jacket also from last year {similarsimilar} which is pretty much my favourite jacket I’ve ever owned!!

I over accessorized with extra chunky resin bangles, some skeletons earrings & a handful of candy corn.

Blogger Awards

Now it’s my turn to nominate 5 bloggers to choose to either reveal 7 deadly facts about themselves or to answer me these questions three!  {it was supposed to be five questions, but Monty Python}

1. What is your favourite book or book series?  {this includes comics or graphic novels}

2.What is you favourite meal to make?  Can you share the recipe?!

3.What is your favourite Autumn outfit? Let see some photos!

I choose to nominate Raissa from The Leather Fanny Pack, Nikki from Natty Nikki,  Alex from Not Afraid To Wear Heels,  Kate from How Kate Does Fashion & Aarti from Curves Become Her

I would like to thank Mariko again!  sorry this was so late, I’ll stop being lazy now!

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Today is my blogiversary!!

I started my blogging journey 365 days ago with my very first post being about a Harry Potter party I hosted!

9 3/4  entry

{my original blog name was a bit of a mouthful }

It’s been a crazy journey so far and it’s only been one year!  So much has happened, I’ve learned so much and made so many new friends!

Why did I start blogging in the first place?  What were my goals?  My aspirations and hopes for this place to become?

I wanted to start a lifestyle blog and become an alternative Martha Stewart mixed with fashion, or something to that measure.  I wanted to share ideas on hosting parties, craft beer, mixed drinks,  food, restaurants, local events, tattoos, make up, traveling, the whole lot.

Eventually it became far too overwhelming for me and I felt scattered, so I began to focus on a few topics instead.

beerfest at home

{from an early entry “how to host a beerfest at home” really, it’s just a clever party idea to drink lots of beer & eat fondue!}

I wanted something that I could grow in to a business.

I’ve always worked for other people, helping their businesses grow when all I’ve ever wanted was to work for myself and a blog seemed like a perfect starting point.

I  also stuck in a rut.

I had been working in a tattoo shop for years and was constantly surrounded by amazing and talented artists, but I let it get into my head that I wasn’t as talented and I stopped creating.  This space gave me a new creative outlet that I was desperately in need of and the confidence to get back to being creative!

I will always be grateful for all I learned there.   I met some important people in my life {seriously go check out my bestie, Amanda Meowzen she’s crazy talented} It was a sad day when the shop closed and we all headed in our own directions.

I must also sheepishly, admit to some narcissistic motives as well.  I wanted to be one of those stylish girls I saw everyday on pinterest! But I also wanted to share any and all knowledge I had about obtaining fashionable, plus size clothing in Canada.  I wanted to make other women feel beautiful & empowered and to encourage them to play with fashion on their own terms.

Lime Crime Velvetine Review | margotmeanie

When I began, I read so many blogs about blogging it made my head spin.  But, as I went along, I started learning the ropes and finding my voice.  I eventually found my focus, and realised I didn’t need a million blogs telling me how run my to blog.

When I go back and read my first entries now I’m jarred by how I would write, like I’m trying to write a catalogue or something.  It wasn’t me, I was pretending to be a fake version of myself in order to make my blog look professional or to sell myself as someone you would want to follow.  What a silly thing, and it wasn’t making me happy.

Slowly, I let this place become me.  I feel comfortable here and I find that I’ve gotten the most rewards for being just me, which is reward in itself.

Margot Meanie

margot meanie // windy city - modcloth

This year has been what I would call a success.

I have made new friends around the globe {I can’t wait to travel and meet them all in person some day!!}.

I work with two blogging groups to keep our creative juices flowing for monthly challenges. We also support each other when we’re feeling down or if we need advice.

I’ve won contests and been gifted clothing items.  I’ve been featured by amazing, successful and supportive bloggers on very respected blogs {zaftig times, my curves & curls, extra large as life & Haute Macabre}, and I’ve made it into two digital magazines {Dare & Bustle}.

I’ve been interviewed by the lovely Lindsay, shop owner of Bad Luxe Boutique, for her shop blog.

And I started a hashtag, #alternativecurves, which has blossomed into both an amazingly supportive community of alternative plus size babes on instagram , and also a blog hop for alternative and quirky style bloggers!  {keep your eyes peeled next week, it’s out first challenge!}

margot meanie


margot meanie on Bustle

These are the lessons I’ve learned through my first year of blogging:

  • bloggers are amazingly supportive!
  • be yourself, there is no good reason not to be.  People want to get to know you!
  • keep writing, your voice will come through eventually.  I find it easy to just think I’m talking to one person.
  • read other blogs!!  And comment on them!  Don’t be shy, I was painfully shy when I started, but no one will know you’re there reading if you don’t chime into the conversation! After a while, they’ll be curious who you are and look into your blog.
  • it may seem lonely at first, but you’ll find friends…fast!! Just remember to comment!
  • try keeping to a schedule if you can, but if you’re just not feeling it, it’s ok not to post.
  • don’t apologize for not posting! It’s your blog, you post when you want to.  Your readers are not waiting with bated breath to hear from you, but they will be happy when they do get something up!
  • it’s also ok to change your blog!!  Whether it be the look, theme, focus.  This is who you are, you’re figuring it out, you have time to play around and find your comfort zone.
  • block out the haters, if you get any, delete their comments and go about your day.  But if you do receive negative feedback, keep this in mind; it means people are taking notice of you!!
  • You will always get way more love through blogging than hate, don’t let that hold you back!

This community has been a beautiful thing to be a part of! It’s been such a rad ride so far and I can’t wait to see where the next year will take me!

Thank you all so much for following me!  

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// friday i’m in love #26 //

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top 3 looks I have seen online each week.  Though I will feature many plus size looks, I will also feature looks including straight sizes and gentlemen if the feeling strikes! 

// Sian from Forever Fabulous in Bows // What I Wore: leopard print cardi & sheer skirt

Sian from forever Fabulous in Bows // friday i'm in love #26 // Sian from forever Fabulous in Bows // friday i'm in love #26 //

Look at how gorgeous this sheer maxi is!! Just LOOK!!

It’s not a surprise that I am a HUGE fan of black chiffon and I absolutely LOVE maxi’s as well!  What a perfect summer look!

I adore the long line cardi too, and who doesn’t love a classic, over sized, designer bag to make the perfect “yes, I’m effortlessly chic” statement?

Just gorgeous!

You can follow Sian on her blog, facebook or instagram!


2// Dionne from Supersize my Fashion // The Great Gatsby

Dionne from Superzie my Fashion // friday i'm in love #26 // Dionne from Superzie my Fashion // friday i'm in love #26 //

Oh my goodness, how fabulous does Dionne look in this absolutely gorgeous dress from the ASOS Salon line???  I have been wanting to write a piece on being a modern flapper girl with the Salon dresses as the key items!

She just looks beyond glamorous!  She got the look spot on and I’m super jealous that I don’t have this entire ensemble in my closet right meow!!

The jewelry she chose is perfect and the shoes are a lovely contrast to the dark dress, but still have just as much glitz and that purse is so much fun!

You can follow Dionne on her blog, facebook or instagram!


3// Ashley from This is Ashley Rose // My Style: Aussie Curves: Polka Dots

Ashley from this is Ashley Rose // friday i'm in love #26 // Ashley from this is Ashley Rose // friday i'm in love #26 //

Just look how pretty & posh Ashley is looking in these photos.  I adore the sheer polka dot blouse, the breezy, pleated midi skirt and the perfect pops of red in her shoes, handbag, skinny belt & lippie!

She looks like a perfect lady, completely pulled together and totally on trend with the sheer elements!

You can follow Ashley on her blogfacebook or instagram!


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// friday i’m in love #25 //

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top 3 looks I have seen online each week.  Though I will feature many plus size looks, I will also feature looks including straight sizes and gentlemen as well! 

// Audrey from Big or Not to Big //Drôles de dames

Audrey from Big or not to big // friday i'm in love #25 // margotmeanie.comAudrey from Big or not to big // friday i'm in love #25 //

Audrey is a lovely French blogger.  Though I can’t understand the text on her blog, I still love looking at her pictures!  She has a tremendous sense of style that I just adore!  She’s usually very feminine in great dresses and perfect accessories, but there’s something about this catsuit that is just so très chic!  The fabric looks soft, comfortable and luxurious and the lace detail on the cap sleeve and décolletage is so lovely!

I absolutely LOVE the obi wrap leather belt and the pops of coral in the necklace and shoes are just perfect.

You can follow Audrey on her blog, lookbook or instagram!


2// Amanda from In The Thick Of It // siouxsie and the banshees sunday

Amanda from In The Thick Of It  // friday i'm in love #25 // Amanda from In The Thick Of It  // friday i'm in love #25 //

I know it seems like it just wouldn’t be a friday i’m in love without a style blogger with short white blonde hair, but I swear, I’m not doing it on purpose!!

I just love how casual rock n roll this look is.  It’s super simple with the rock tee, perfectly fitting black skinnies, demin jacket and metallic pumps. The look just pulls together so well!  (it also helps it’s a Siouxsie shirt, I love  me some Siouxsie Sioux!)

You can follow Amanda on her blog or instagram!


3// Lauren from Goodbye Hollywood // Drama! And looking forward

Lauren from Goodbye Hollywood // friday i'm in love #25 // Lauren from Goodbye Hollywood // friday i'm in love #25 //

I am a super fan of button-up dresses, especially button-up dresses with some sort of embellishment on the collar! I quite like the pattern of the dress and definitely love the contrasting yolk.  The nude heels are great and really make her legs look miles long!

You can follow Lauren on her blog, instagram or tumblr!

BONUS// Isabell from Dressing Outside the Box //LBD – Or The Va Va Voom Dress

Isabell from Dressing Outside the Box // friday i'm in love #25 //

I know I’ve recently featured Isabell, but hotdamn, look at this babe-erliness!! She is easily one of  my favourite style bloggers!  This bonus feature is also compounded with the fact that I was just eyeing this dress up on Forever 21 myself the day before she posted this!

This is the epitome of the little black dress, it fits just right, is super sexy and will work for many occasions!

Do yourself a favour and follow her blog & instagram!

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// friday i’m in love #24 //

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top 3 looks I have seen online each week.  Though I will feature many plus size looks, I will also feature looks featuring straight sizes and gentlemen as well! 

// Emmi from Roosa’s Closet // 1+1

Emmi from Roosas Closet // friday i'm in love #24 // Emmi from Roosa's Closet // friday i'm in love #24 //

Emmi is just completely gorgeous and this look is sooo posh, it’s killing me!  I love all the black, but that necklace is a game changer!  I love statement jewelry, especially all the new and fantastic pieces available for necklaces right now.  I find myself green with envy as I’m lacking in the statement necklace department.  This is so perfect!

I know I tend to over use the word “chic”  but it completely applies to Emmi and this look!

You can follow Emmi on her blog or instagram!


2// Mila from lookbook // whowears cheetah anyways?

Mila from lookbook // friday i'm in love #24 //

I usually opt for cheetah or leopard as an accent, but something about the fact that this dress is sheer mixed with the colour makes it  just work so well, especially with her skin tone and perfect black bob!  I love that she paired it with a denim jacket and some wicked big, round shades.

This look is just aces for me!

You can follow Mila on lookbook!


3// Gazel from // instagram

Gazel Ma // friday i'm in love #24 //

I just found Gazel on instagram recently and I absolutely loved this outfit!  I’m a total fan of sack dresses or anything that is generally shapeless.  I love how they drape and look edgy yet elegant.  This was paired simply with a really great structured satchel bag, in contrast to the dress, as well as a lovely necklace, which is simple, but still a statement in itself!

Over all, I think her look is effortless with it’s well thought out simplicity!

You can follow Gazel on instagram or her blog!

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2014 Hopes & Resolutions


So I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions.  I’m not normally a resolution type of girl.  But I’ve been finding myself thinking a lot of what I want and hope to accomplish this year and almost everything comes down to blogging.

Housekeeping and making a schedule are tops on my list.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • I’d like to tighten things up and make my topics a bit more streamlined and easy to find. I need to get rid of a few topics and make it look snazzy on my left side bar. Maybe 5 main topics and a random one for everything else.
  • I’d like to figure out some sort of “media kit” and a better way to “contact me”.  I’m still so new to blogging and I hate to fall for all the blog articles out there, but everyone keeps talking about media kits and how important they are.  Hopefully at some point this year, I’ll figure out how I’d like to do that.
  • I’d like to focus on features more.  I’ll keep “Friday I’m in Love” as a weekly feature, but “Wishlist Wednesday” will probably be turned into a monthly feature and I’d like to add some sort of feature on tattoos as well, Since it’s a topic I know a lot about.
  • I want to make an effort to post OOTD at least once a week, but ideally, twice a week.  This one is tricky, as I count on Mister Meanie to take my photos for me, so we need time on the weekends to get good shots with daylight and then I need him to e-mail me the photos.  So I’ll be counting on him and bugging him on a regular basis to get these photos up.  I also hope to save up for a new camera and a remote so I don’t have to rely so heavily on him for those photos.
  • I want to feature stylish shopping for plus size girls, of all price points.  Of course, they will be all geared to my tastes, because I have awesome taste ;)  but I’m sick of girls saying they’re too poor to dress stylish.  There are tonnes of deals to be found out there.  “there are no ugly girls, only lazy ones”  I would like to help the lazy ones find where to shop.  I’ve done a lot of searching and I’m still finding new places that have fabulous clothing at any price range.  It is a shame that 99% is online, but at least its out there and available!! Hopefully I can find some more local places too.  I’d love to find and feature local shops in my city or cities I like to frequent!
  • I want to be able to talk about issues that are often on my mind & I hope to have a monthly or twice monthly rant.  I need to stop being afraid of writing about big topics.  I get nervous that I can’t or won’t be able to get my ideas or thoughts out clearly, but I never will if I don’t try.  The only way to become a better writer is to write.
  • Putting myself out there more.  That’s a big one.   I need to comment more on blogs I like and find blogger friends.  I’ve been finding some really great blogs and fallen in love with some of these girls and their style.  I admire them and would like to make friends.  I need to stop being shy, because being shy won’t get you anywhere.
  • I need to figure out if I’m where I should be with hosting.  As of right meow, I’m on and I want to look at options for moving to  I’m happy with how easy this platform is to manage, but there are some small things that I’d like to have control over.  I love my theme, but there are small things I’d like to change, like my front page.  I would like it to have my full posts instead of a weird teaser photo/banner thing.  It too choppy and busy looking for me.  I could continue to shop the themes available through, or I may just look into hiring a designer and getting a bit more involved with the back end and switching to .org.  I’d really appreciate any  input from anyone on their feelings regarding this.

I went out an bought myself a planner for blogging, so I can look at the month and see what I have coming up or if I need to plan for something.  I took my cues from The Dainty Squid and her Blog Planning post which I found quite inspiring.

I am set to attend The Blogcademy in June.  I’m not sure what I’m hoping to get out of the experience, but I’m excited to see what it is! I’m guessing it’ll help with that whole “media kit” part of my resolution.

Other than all the bloggy items, I would like to read more books.  Last year I read all of the Game of Thrones books, which were fantastic, but ultimately left me wallowing in a book hangover for months afterwards.  I just couldn’t get into reading anything else. I tried joining a small sci-fi book club with my friends, but found I’m too stubborn to be told what to read and when to have it read by ( though I’d love suggestions!!  If you have any you think I really should check out, please share them with me).   I’m starting the year off with re-reading an old favourite, Mists of Avalon and I’ll move on from there.

My other resolutions would just be to have as much fun as possible. Be glamorous when I want to, shut myself in and hermit when I feel like it.  Feel the magic moments that are presented to us, cuddle my kitties as much as possible and go on as many adventures I can with the love of my life and friends!

new year by Neil Gaiman

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My first month of blogging


Well, my first month anniversary of blogging has come and went.  It was actually October 23rd, but I figure I’ll just celebrate each calendar month, though I doubt each month will be celebrated with an entry.

My blog has gone through a lot of changes through it first month.  Major changes overnight in look/colour/feel.  I’ve read a lot of blogs about blogging (omg, I’ve read sooo many, my head hurts sometimes!), some recommend not going live until you’re happy with how it looks.  But I tend to disagree.  I think the whole blog experience is about growing and learning.  Yes my blog has gone through drastic changes, but I figure, it’s young enough that I’m able to.  I don’t have enough people stopping by to say “I don’t recognize this, this is not what I remember from last time, move along”, right now I’m so new, that no one really would remember, it just looks like a new blog.


Anyhoo, some reflections on this last month.

I have found that I LOVE blogging and I really look forward to finding my voice and finding my “tribe” (more on this later).  At some point, I know that I’ll finally be happy with the direction and form this space will be taking, right meow, it’s growing pains.

I’ve wanted to blog for quite a few years, but never quite knew what I was doing. I always thought it had to be about one specific thing and being plain old lazy all got in the way.  I know better now, my blogging eyes are open.  Its surprising to think how many websites you’re looking up for different projects, fashion advice, outfits of the day (aka OOTD), pictures from pinterest etc are all actually blogs.  Blogs can be about everything and/or anything you want!

what do I want

Which brings me to this, what do I want from my blog?  At first I wasn’t totally sure, I just knew I was going to start blogging about my life and my outlook on it.  I knew I wanted to be a positive voice.  I knew I wanted to encourage woman to feel better about themselves.  I knew I wanted to celebrate style at whatever price point or size it comes in.  I wanted a space to post pictures of parties I’ve hosted or projects I’ve been working on.  I want to post shameless photos of myself in outfits that I’ve put together.  Or photos of my friends, celebrating their style and to let them see themselves through my eyes.  I wanted to talk about tattoos, drinks and restaurants, my obsessions on pinterest, my friends & my little family.  I wanted to have a little space where I talk about the magical way I look at life some days.

I want this to be a classy, positive and alternative little blog space.

This is what I want from my blog and slowly I’ll be able to write and post about all these things.  I also want to be able to, at some point, turn this into something that makes money.  My ultimate dream is to be self employed, doing only the things I love (who doesn’t want that?!).  I’m not sure this will ever be able to make me enough to live off of, but I do think that eventually, it will be enough to be able to free me to pursue other avenues. I’d love to be able to go down to working part time and attend classes on things I’m interested in that would better me and make it possible to do other things and eventually have my own ventures out there.

I want this blog to open new doors for me.  Col (Mister Meanie) and I have always wanted to be able to work together.  I know it’s shmoopy, but we are shmoopy.  We love each other and would love nothing better than to be able to be together most of the time and create a living that sustains us.

These are my dreams, this is what I hope to get from blogging.


There has been no shortage of challenges in blogging so far.  There are a lot of blogs out there, as I mentioned above.  Which means, lots of competition.  But it also means a big community.  I love that about blogging, it may seem like competition, but really it’s a community.  There are a lot of friends to be made that can lift you up and help you out.  It’s called your “tribe” ( or so I have read) a group of like minded bloggers who you become friends with, that help promote each other and support each other.  They read each others blogs and comment/give advice and seem to become friends in real life.  Kind of amazing! I look forward to finding my place and my tribe.

My problem, however, is that I have always been a lurker.  I quietly sit in my internet corner, look at all the pretty things and keep to myself.  I love pinterest so much,  I can share away, but don’t often have to interact with people.  I always keep my facebook to around 100 friends, my instagram is open, but is not a busy place.  I keep to myself and those close to me.  So, this has been hard, trying to put myself out there.  It’s one thing to post blogs, it’s another to make comments on blogs you admire.  Interacting with strangers and bringing attention to your blog is kinda scary, especially when you’ve just fallen in love with their blog.  I guess it’s a confidence thing.  The same confidence I want to inspire in the people around me and those that read my blog, is the same confidence I’m tripping over in the blog world.   So I’m trying.

my intentions

My goals & intentions for this blog is to start getting more personal content up.  I want my photos here.  I know that I’m holding myself back on that front because I keep thinking the quality is not where I want it, both from a hardware point of view, but also skill level, which will only improve with time.  (but I reeeeally do want a new camera, with a flip & twist screen!).  I also want to figure out what exactly css & rss is and how to use them.  I want to network more.  I  want to figure out how to add social networking buttons in my colour theme.  The techy part is a mystery to me, but I want to learn it!

Over all, I’m feeling pretty good.  I feel energized, I feel like I’m finding where I want to be.  Hopefully I’ll figure out the look of my blog and stick with one for a while.  I’ll be attending The Blogcademy in June, which is very exciting!!  I’ve been introducing myself around a little bit, making comments here and there, while falling madly in love with some blogs and bloggers. And I’m giving myself time to figure it all out.

missmeanie frame

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