// ASOS SALE up to 70% OFF // top picks under $40

asos markdown under $40

ASOS has done more mrkdowns and now some items are up to 70% off!!  Here is a quick wishlist of items I love that are all under $40 canadian!!

1 // ASOS CURVE Cami Dress With Lace Trim In Longer Length $34.42 cdn

2 // ASOS CURVE Exclusive Dress With Double Layer In Longer Length $34.42 cdn

3 // ASOS CURVE Exclusive Beach Maxi Dress In Cheesecloth $32.27 cdn

4 // ASOS CURVE Exclusive Swing Dress With Lace Hem $23.67 cdn

5 // New Look Inspire Floral Waisted Dress $23.67 cdn

6 //ASOS CURVE Exclusive Swing Dress In Lace $25.82 cdn

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// the brightest witch of her age //


brightest witch of her age // margot meanie brightest witch of her age // margot meanie brightest witch of her age // margot meanie brightest witch of her age // margot meanie

brightest witch of her age // margot meanie brightest witch of her age // margot meanie

brightest witch of her age // margot meanie

brightest witch of her age // margot meanie


I am unabashedly, a HUG Harry Potter nerd!!

In fact, such a Potterphile, that my very first blog post on here about 10 months go was a about a Harry Potter party that I hosted and went full tilt on! {please excuse how long winded it is, it was my first time back to blogging for seven or so years!! oh and I first named this blog Miss Meanie goes to Paris, which was equally long winded, so I changed that pretty quick!}

I have a huge collection of cool HP bric-à-brac, most of which I brought back last year after visiting the most magical place on earth, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! We have most of it out on display, but we really want to get  a better shelf to display all our curious & magical items.  The wands are still in their boxes and we’d really like to get a stand to display them more nicely.

It had occurred to me, that although I had mentioned purchasing this top back in March when I was down at ECCC, I had never actually taken any outfit shots with it!

It’s actually one of the staples in my wardrobe right now, on account of it being A) a crop top B) the most lightweight soft material ever C)being black & D) it’s wonderfully nerdy! I actually altered this a bit.  I took the straps up, as I hate big gaping armholes that show off my bra, which also made it a shorter crop top, which worked well for me!

//what i wore//

I wouldn’t normally wear the kitty ears out with this outfit, but I was in a fun mood.  It also occurred to me, that I never smile in any of my photos, so that has been remedied in this post!

//deathly hallows crop – android sheep, they only have one size, but it fits pretty well, if just a tad snug which makes the lines look rippled

//pleated skater skirt & geometric cuff – forever21+

//skinny belt w/gold cross & suspender tights – ASOS curve, sadly these did not live as long as I had hoped.  The thinner nylon on the top is just full of runs {or ladders a they call them in the UK}

//shoes – thrifted

//moon pendant necklace – a gift from my mom & step dad.  The image is of the phase the moon was in when I was born!


Well, that is my witchpoo look!  You know, with it being Wednesday and the whole, on “Wednesday’s we wear black” that seems to be a new mantra of mine!

Are you a crazy potterphile too?  Or are you part of any other fandom??  I’m kind of a fangirl for a lot of fandoms! Let me know what you’re into!!

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  // the brightest witch of her age // appeared first on margotmeanie.com

// friday i’m in love #26 //

Friday I’m in Love is a weekly feature where I curate my top 3 looks I have seen online each week.  Though I will feature many plus size looks, I will also feature looks including straight sizes and gentlemen if the feeling strikes! 

// Sian from Forever Fabulous in Bows // What I Wore: leopard print cardi & sheer skirt

Sian from forever Fabulous in Bows // friday i'm in love #26 // margotmeanie.com Sian from forever Fabulous in Bows // friday i'm in love #26 // margotmeanie.com

Look at how gorgeous this sheer maxi is!! Just LOOK!!

It’s not a surprise that I am a HUGE fan of black chiffon and I absolutely LOVE maxi’s as well!  What a perfect summer look!

I adore the long line cardi too, and who doesn’t love a classic, over sized, designer bag to make the perfect “yes, I’m effortlessly chic” statement?

Just gorgeous!

You can follow Sian on her blog, facebook or instagram!


2// Dionne from Supersize my Fashion // The Great Gatsby

Dionne from Superzie my Fashion // friday i'm in love #26 // margotmeanie.com Dionne from Superzie my Fashion // friday i'm in love #26 // margotmeanie.com

Oh my goodness, how fabulous does Dionne look in this absolutely gorgeous dress from the ASOS Salon line???  I have been wanting to write a piece on being a modern flapper girl with the Salon dresses as the key items!

She just looks beyond glamorous!  She got the look spot on and I’m super jealous that I don’t have this entire ensemble in my closet right meow!!

The jewelry she chose is perfect and the shoes are a lovely contrast to the dark dress, but still have just as much glitz and that purse is so much fun!

You can follow Dionne on her blog, facebook or instagram!


3// Ashley from This is Ashley Rose // My Style: Aussie Curves: Polka Dots

Ashley from this is Ashley Rose // friday i'm in love #26 // margotmeanie.com Ashley from this is Ashley Rose // friday i'm in love #26 // margotmeanie.com

Just look how pretty & posh Ashley is looking in these photos.  I adore the sheer polka dot blouse, the breezy, pleated midi skirt and the perfect pops of red in her shoes, handbag, skinny belt & lippie!

She looks like a perfect lady, completely pulled together and totally on trend with the sheer elements!

You can follow Ashley on her blogfacebook or instagram!


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// friday i’m in love #26 // appeared first on margotmeanie.com




wishlist // ASOS monochrome summer

wishlist // ASOS monochrome summer // margotmeanie.com

wishlist // ASOS monochrome summer // margotmeanie.com

I just have to start with saying how ridiculously happy I am to have photoshop back!!  I was reeeeally missing making these wishlists so very much!

I also had the idea to redo my blog space a bit, but had to wait until I had access to photoshop again to do up the changes.  I’m super happy with the results, what do you think?

Secondly, I am LOVING what ASOS has in shop right now!

I’m a complete & total fan of monochrome and I love all the options they have.  I know these looks aren’t 100% monochrome as there is a teeny amount of colour in the holographic clutch and the lining of the Victorian lace blouse, but I think it’s subdued enough to add some fun to an overall monochrome look.

I’ve been loving all the ropers around, but haven’t felt like I’d found the right one for me just yet and I think I have finally landed on it!  I love the buttons and it seems super light and breezy.  How cute would it look with that white blazer??  This look is perfectly edgy, especially adding in the masculine studded shoes.  Though you could femme it up with adding those every so bad ass laser cut  heels.

I’m always on the fence when it comes to very open back dresses, as I absolutely love how they look but am apprehensive of them on myself as I always have to wear a bra, but in the case of this sheer chiffon cage back dress by Truly You, I think the design easily lends itself to be worn with a blatant bra showing ala Carrie Bradshaw.  And look how pretty and flowy it is!! Add some rock in roll sandals and I’m set!

I. Love. This. Skirt!

But I’m also scared of it, because it is white and me and white are often a messy match.  But its so pretty and I am loving the sheer panel.  I’ve been seeing variations of this skirt all over the blogosphere and it just makes me want it more.  It’d be like a test, can be grown up enough to wear this and not spill?  A challenge I am willing to take on!

I think what I love about all the shoes featured, is though they are all fairly different, they could easily go with each outfit and change the feel instantly!

//ASOS CURVE Playsuit With Button Through

// Hologram Foldover Clutch Bag

//ASOS CURVE Blazer With Cropped Lapel And Split Hem

//ASOS MERLIN Studded Monk Shoes

//ASOS CURVE Top In Victoriana Lace

//ASOS CURVE Exclusive Full Midi Skirt With Mesh Panel

//Truly You Cage Back Maxi Dress

//2 Pack Black/Nude Super Skinny Waist And Hip Belt

//River Island Rapper Cross Strap Black Heeled Sandals

//New Look Quantity Laser Cut Heeled Shoes

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// wishlist – ASOS monochrome summer // appeared first on margotmeanie.com

Siamese twin // ASOS Cold Shoulder

siamese twin // ASOS // margot meanie

siamese twin // ASOS // margot meaniesiamese twin // ASOS // margot meanie

I’m fairly certain I am over doing it with the mirror effect, but I just can’t help myself, especially when I get a pretty good stitch and things line up all creepy like!

What I Wore:

I am seriously infatuated with this dress!  I know a lot of plus girls shy away from sack dresses, I used to as well, but this feels so chic AND it has pockets!  Dresses with pockets are forever in my heart!

//Cold Shoulder Swing Dress – ASOS
// Wedge Platforms – Bamboo – Urbanog
// Cuff & Earrings – Forever21

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ASOS wish list

Maybe because it’s Spring and the seasons are changing, but all I’ve wanted to do lately is plan for vacations I can’t afford, drink french 75’s and shop for new clothes….actually I always want to do that, never mind (Sorry for blaming you, Spring!)

Last week I shared my New Look wish list (the kitty hat is already low in stock…I wanna cry). Today, I’ll share my ASOS wish list.

ASOS Grown Up Wednesday Addams // Margot Meanie

1 //Alice & You Structured Skater Dress

2 //ASOS Exclusive Catarzi Classic Fedora Hat

3 //ASOS Curve Blouse with lace bib & Colourblock detail  (They’ve had this for a while, but it’s always ends up in my saved items)

ASOS Teen Mall Witch // Margot Meanie

1 //ASOS Curve Exclusive Maxi Dress With 90s’ Button Through

2 //ASOS Curve Leather Obi Waist Belt

3//ASOS Curve Polka Dot Over The Knee Tights

4 //Carvela Stole Cut Out Leather Ankle Boots  (Why do these have to be so expensive?!!! Probably because they are well crafted and perfect is why. )

I realise now, while looking at this, that I am obviously still trying to look like a grown up Wednesday Addams/ teen mall witch… I have no issue with that!! HAHA!


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Wear to Shop // Review – ASOS Curve Fit &Flare Coat

I am a compulsive and dedicated online shopper.  Mostly because I don’t have a lot of luck finding shops in my city that cater to anyone out of the straight size box.  Luckily, the internet comes to the rescue and makes all manner of things accessible!  So I have decided to create a feature called “Wear to Shop”.  I’ll feature my go to sources for plus size clothing, as well as new treasures I find!

I recently purchased my new winter coat online, from ASOS.  It’s from their Curve line, which is generally pretty awesome.  It’s a youthful and on trend brand, which helps a lot when you are a stylish, edgy size 18.  Though they are based out of the UK, they have a really easy to use sizing chart to convert your US size to UK.  The prices are reasonable, and the quality is very good (from what I’ve had so far).  They also offer free shipping worldwide! (or expedited if you’re impatient, but honestly, last time I ordered it was here in a week and I chose the free option)  Of course, if you ever order from outside of Canada, be expected for duty & customs charges once your package is delivered (BUMMER!).

I’ve ordered a few things from ASOS before and have had some reasonable luck.  I have a larger bust, so I often size up a bit in tops and jackets to accommodate the girls which is not something I should be doing with anything from their line.  I had ordered the leather biker jacket from them last summer and ended up having to ship it back because I was swimming in it (note to self, stop sizing up when I don’t need too!).  It was such a bummer because the jacket was really beautiful, I’ve always wanted a nice, real leather jacket and the return shipping cost $75 cdn.  Ouch!

Figuring I had learned my lesson and knowing I was in need of a new a winter coat this year I took another stab at ordering a big ticket item.  They had one coat I’d had my eye on for months so I figured I’d go for it finally and just order it in the size the chart said I was.  Sadly, the jacket I loved was discontinued and sold out, but they had replaced it with a similar style, the Fit & Flare.

navfy image1xxl


It came in three colours and I elected for black, as per usual.  I liked the extra flare on the bottom of the coat and how it dipped lower in the back.  I figured it would be super versatile as an everyday winter coat as well as dressing up for an evening event.  Which it totally does!

navy image2xxl

Overall, I’m happy with the quality and warmth. The lining is really nice, the material does not seem like it will start to pill, I’ve been wearing mine for a month now.   But the size is again, HUGE, even though I ordered my size according to the chart.

Curvy Canadian had just posted about her fit & flare jacket in red and I asked her her thoughts and how she felt about the sizing and she said she had learned from past experiences to always size down when ordering from them.  Very interesting, since I’m so used to sizing up.

My biggest issues is how oversized it is.  According to ASOS measurement chart, I am a size 24UK, which I had ordered.   When I ordered the leather jacket in the summer, I ordered a 26.  If I order another coat or jacket from them, I will definitely order a 22 for sure!!

The sleeves are just way too big, and the straps on the sleeves are bulky and get in the way when carrying bags. I didn’t want to exchange for another size, as I mentioned above, return shipping from Canada to the UK is expensive.  I just figured I’d use that and put it towards a tailor.  The body size is large too, but since it is belted and flares so much, it’s not so noticeable when you just cinch it in tighter.  Though I will probably have some pleatsput in when I go to the tailor as well.

Review ASOS curve fit and flare | margotmeanie.com

I never seem to be able to make time with the Mister to take proper photos, so the ipad pics will have to do for now.

Review ASOS curve fit and flare | margotmeanie.com

The full skirt of this jacket is really awesome!

Right now, ASOS is having a clearance sale and the Fit & Flare is marked down!!  They are sold out of the black, but still have navy and red in stock!

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