style icon challenge // Anna Piaggi

anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie


anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie

anna piaggi // margot meanie


This week, in lieu of my normal {friday i’m in love} I am joining a amazingly fun group of bloggers and participating in a fun challenge! (this helps as I have been away for the week and not seen any outfits to post)

The challenge is to recreate the look of a Style Icon!  At first I toyed with ideas are Marlene Dietrich, but I just don’t have the proper pant suits I’d like in order to portray her, so my mind pondered and Anna Piaggi floated to the top pretty quick!

I have always been a HUGE fan of the a particular part of the fashion elite known as the eccentrics!  I adore their wild abandon when it comes to fashion and love how many of them act as muses for talented designers.  For them, fashion is truly a way of life and everyday is a work of art!

I recreated 3 looks by her and had an absolute blast playing with the theatrical make up, whimsical accessories and textures in the items she choose.

I admire her gusto and zest for eccentricity!

This weeks participants in the Style Icon Challenge are:

//  Michelle from Zaftigtimes

//  Aarti from Curves Become Her

//  Zadry from Curves à la Mode

// Veronica from Cid Style File

This was a lot of fun to do, though extremely hot!  Summer plus hat & fur & layers is a crazy mix!!

I cannot wait to see what each lady did!  I’m so happy to have the chance to participate!

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// tea & Coco //

do as Coco says // margot meaniedo as Coco says // margot meaniedo as Coco says // margot meanie

do as Coco says // margot meanie

do as Coco says // margot meanie

do as Coco says // margot meaniedo as Coco says // margot meanie

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”  -Coco Chanel

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute.  It is the perfect harmony.”  -Coco Chanel

Today’s outfit is 100% inspired by the first lady of style, Coco Chanel.  Though I sadly, do not own a single Chanel piece I have often taken my cues from Chanel.

I grew up watching Fashion Television, which had a huge impact on me.  I love the art that comes with design and styling.  I think growing up and constantly looking at high fashion has trickled down into how I now dress, even on my low budget fashion level.

This look is simple, but I adhered to Coco’s famous advice and took off an item before shooting  today’s look.   I also find much comfort in black & white outfits.  I think they can speak so loudly, even with the absence of a bright colour.

//blouse & pencil skirt – forever 21+

//suspenders, shoes, hair clip – thrifted

//Bathing Girls Tea Set by Designer Esther Horchner {a wonderful gift from my older sister}

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// the brightest witch of her age //


brightest witch of her age // margot meanie brightest witch of her age // margot meanie brightest witch of her age // margot meanie brightest witch of her age // margot meanie

brightest witch of her age // margot meanie brightest witch of her age // margot meanie

brightest witch of her age // margot meanie

brightest witch of her age // margot meanie


I am unabashedly, a HUG Harry Potter nerd!!

In fact, such a Potterphile, that my very first blog post on here about 10 months go was a about a Harry Potter party that I hosted and went full tilt on! {please excuse how long winded it is, it was my first time back to blogging for seven or so years!! oh and I first named this blog Miss Meanie goes to Paris, which was equally long winded, so I changed that pretty quick!}

I have a huge collection of cool HP bric-à-brac, most of which I brought back last year after visiting the most magical place on earth, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! We have most of it out on display, but we really want to get  a better shelf to display all our curious & magical items.  The wands are still in their boxes and we’d really like to get a stand to display them more nicely.

It had occurred to me, that although I had mentioned purchasing this top back in March when I was down at ECCC, I had never actually taken any outfit shots with it!

It’s actually one of the staples in my wardrobe right now, on account of it being A) a crop top B) the most lightweight soft material ever C)being black & D) it’s wonderfully nerdy! I actually altered this a bit.  I took the straps up, as I hate big gaping armholes that show off my bra, which also made it a shorter crop top, which worked well for me!

//what i wore//

I wouldn’t normally wear the kitty ears out with this outfit, but I was in a fun mood.  It also occurred to me, that I never smile in any of my photos, so that has been remedied in this post!

//deathly hallows crop – android sheep, they only have one size, but it fits pretty well, if just a tad snug which makes the lines look rippled

//pleated skater skirt & geometric cuff – forever21+

//skinny belt w/gold cross & suspender tights – ASOS curve, sadly these did not live as long as I had hoped.  The thinner nylon on the top is just full of runs {or ladders a they call them in the UK}

//shoes – thrifted

//moon pendant necklace – a gift from my mom & step dad.  The image is of the phase the moon was in when I was born!


Well, that is my witchpoo look!  You know, with it being Wednesday and the whole, on “Wednesday’s we wear black” that seems to be a new mantra of mine!

Are you a crazy potterphile too?  Or are you part of any other fandom??  I’m kind of a fangirl for a lot of fandoms! Let me know what you’re into!!

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// Paris is always a good idea //

// paris is always a good idea // margot meanie

// paris is always a good idea // margot meanie

// paris is always a good idea // margot meanie

// paris is always a good idea // margot meanie


// paris is always a good idea // margot meanie

// paris is always a good idea // margot meanie

// paris is always a good idea // margot meanie

I’m busy trying to get used to my new laptop (YAY!).  It’s an HP and I’m sad to admit how dreadful I am now with PCs these day’s as I’ve spent all my time on macs for the last four years.  I was even thinking about downloading a skin to make it run like OS just so I can get my bearings.

I’m doubly excited this week,  because in addition to my new computer I also have plans to head out with a friend to take some proper & professional shots with his new camera!  I’m really looking forward to that, as I’m hating the grainy low quality photos I’ve been posting lately with my ipad.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my ipad dearly, it’s been really helpful to still get outfit shots done, but the camera is not the best and if it’s an overcast day, I loose the ability to take even halfway decent shots.

// what I wore //

I love monochrome, as you’ve probably noticed, most of my wardrobe is either black / white / grey or  off white.  My wardrobe is always running slim on pattern and colour.

This week I wore one of my favourite tops that I have owned FOREVER!  I sometimes think of letting it go, but something makes me keep it.  And Every time I wear it, I’m thankful I never let it go!

This skirt is just a perfect pleated skater skirt I got last winter while down in Las Vegas.  It’s the perfect basic and just makes so many outfits!

The real inspiration for this outfit though comes from the earrings.  They’re just tiny Eiffel tower danglies that I inherited from my Mother-in-law and I’ve always treasured them.  I know they are not worth a lot of money and that you can get these little trinkets on every street corner in Paris, but it still does nothing to diminish their charm for me!

They’re cute and remind me of Paris, a city that I truly love and can’t wait to go visit again.  Perhaps someday I’ll have an apartment there!

//hat & skirt – forever21+

//lace blouse – winners (from yeeeears ago)

//gold sparkly platform heels – payless shoes

//skinny belt – ASOS curve

//flower petal medusa jewelry – industrial strength

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// black & bling //

// black & bling // margot meanie

// black & bling // margot meanie// black & bling // margot meanie

// black & bling // margot meanie

// black & bling // margot meanie


I seem to be taking my hair style cues from St Vincent lately!  I’m just kind of going with what my hair wants to do and I’m actually digging it for once!!

I just got back from a family vacation to see my younger sister graduate from high school! Honours with distinction to boot, she’s a super smarty pants!  It was really great to see all my family as well.  But boy o’ boy is it awesome to be back in the coastal air, it was so dry back home my skin was NOT happy!

What I wore:

It’s not often I wear pants, so having some statement Beetlejuice pants are a really great thing to have in the back of your wardrobe when the feeling strikes.  I originally purchased them for my Joker costume last Hallowe’en, but I kinda like pulling them out for certain outfits!

I’m also super happy to be sporting TONNES of sparkly bling, nothing like wearing sparkles in the blazing sunshine.  As I write this, I am casting sparkles all over my walls and I’m super pleased!

//sleeveless, hi-lo, drape back blouse – forever 21+ last summer

//black & white striped skinny jeans – forever21+ last fall

//platform wedges – “bamboo” from urbanog

//rhinestone tie necklace – chinatown in vancouver

//rhinestone bird ring – a vendor at the vancouver tattoo show 4 years ago

//lip gloss – rimmel vynil max (this stuff is stiiiicky and a pain in the ass to wear, but it looks damn good for the first few minutes you put it on)

I also received news while I was away that the very lovely Natalie over at Extra Large As Life featured myself, as well as two very stylish gals, Alex from Jet Georgette & Isabel from Dressing Outside The Box!



Thank you so very much, sweetheart!

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// hard pastel //

// hard pastel // margot meanie //

// hard pastel // margot meanie //

// hard pastel // margot meanie //


// hard pastel // margot meanie //

// hard pastel // margot meanie //

I don’t seem to have a lot of prints in my wardrobe, but something about this clean lined, chic little number appealed to me.

Since it’s colouring is so soft and girly, I like accessorizing it with harder items, like a black vinyl purse & studded, strappy sandals.

The headband compliments my hair colour so well, I’m super stoked on it! It was a necklace my Mom gave me a few years ago, and as pretty as it was, I found I just wasn’t wearing it, so I turned it into something I will wear on a much more regular basis!

What I wore:

//geometric sakura print dress – dress911

// deco print vinyl purse – torrid (many years old)

// studded sandals – Ardene

// headband – redesigned & crafted by me!

I’m actually thinking of creating & selling more unique/refurbished headbands. What do you think! Any interest?!

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// the curvy elle //

// the curvy elle // margot meanie //// the curvy elle // margot meanie //// the curvy elle // margot meanie //// the curvy elle // margot meanie //

// the curvy elle // margot meanie //

// the curvy elle // margot meanie //

// the curvy elle // margot meanie //

I was very fortunate to be the WINNER of The Curvy Elle’s 2nd anniversary giveaway!!

I got all sorts of goodies, including a journal, note cards, a cute “curvy” tote, maybelline mascara & stiletto eyeliner, an eos lip balm (yummy!), a curvy elle tee, a zip pouch (which is already full with all my lipstick!), earrings, sunnies and most important of all, $50 credit to The Curvy Elle store!!

I had a lot of fun picking out my items and settled on two red items which is very unlike me!  I came away with a goooorgeous deep red velvet midi skirt (with pockets!!) and an bright red, ultra sheer, flowy, vintage crop blouse!

what I wore:

I’m still trying to find just the right thing to wear with the blouse, it’s so perfect for summer, so I’m thinking highwaisted shorts will be the winner if I can find them.

The velvet skirt takes the cake, it’s just heaven.  It’s a slightly heavier weight, so I may not get tonnes of wear out of it right away, but this baby will be perfect for fall/winter/spring.  It’s so soft and lux, I really can’t get over how much I love it!

//skirt – c/o The Curvy Elle

//red sheer blouse – c/o The Curvy Elle

//hat & earrings – Forever 21

//blouse – vintage

//shoes – my trusty ol’ ‘Bamboo’ platform wedges from Urbanog (seriously, my favourite shoes!)

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//windy city – styled two ways //

Modcloth Windy City dress // margot meanie

Modcloth Windy City dress // margot meanie

Modcloth Windy City dress // margot meanie

Modcloth Windy City dress // margot meanie

Modcloth Windy City dress// styled two ways // margot meanie

I’m planning on heading back to Hastings racetrack this Saturday for the second event of the Triple Crown, The Preakness, which I think is my favourite name of all the horse races.

I’m not a gambler in anyway, I get far too stressed out!  Even if someone bets on a horse that I said I thought looked pretty or has a cool name (seriously, who ever started naming horses crazy things is a genius!). I just generally just enjoy the day out and excuse to dress up.

What I wore:

I really love this Windy City dress from Modcloth.  My only bummer is, even though I measured everything multiple times before ordering, the bust was still waaaay too small for me.  I was really disappointed (as you can tell, I am super busty!), until I realised I am one crafty bugger, so I cut the lining out of the front bodice panel.  Since it is all gathered on the front, there was plenty of room after I removed it!

It’s sheer now, but a with a black bra, I think it still looks wicked!

v 1.0

//Windy City dress – Modcloth

//gold glitter platform heels – Payless Shoesource

//gold head chain – forever21

//multi strand gold plated necklace – thrifted


v 2.0

//gold and enamel brooch – thrifted

//Liza suede and leather boots – DUO boots (they specialize in all size of foot and calf widths)

//black cap gloves – vintage (awesome x-mas gift from my Mom, a box FULL of vintage gloves!)

//wide brim hat – Forever 21 (the band had pyramid studs)


My body mod jewelry & makeup

//opal flat disc medusa labret – Industrial Strength

//00g gold tunnels with green encased rhinestones – Wild Cat (seriously, having them incased is the best, no loose or lost stones anymore!)

//lipstick – Lime Crime Red Velvet


So, which look should I go for? V 1.0 or V 2.0??

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// rebel girl //



The sun is out and the bikini kill is cranked!! also on a side note… I’m not wearing any black today *gasp*

Today is all about the nineties; grunge, riotgrrrl, reality bites and singles!!
I was a teen through the nineties and I was always envious of all the shows people got to go to. I loved the fashion and none of it has left my mind, whether it be riotgrrrl baby doll dresses with boots or mall witch, I am down!!

What I wore:

The dress actually has a really pretty white lace panel in the back AND it has pockets (you know how I feel about those!), I DIY’ed the vest and instead of putting a back patch on it, I actually cut out the back panel and replaced it with black lace. I stole the hat from the mister and my boots are looking rather trashed, but they’ve been around Europe and back, so they’ve earned it!

//dress – Dress911 ($5 shipping in Canada!!)

//vest – Old Navy

//hat – Bailey of Hollywood

//boots – Steve Madden

//lipstick – Lime Crime Red Velvet

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Siamese twin // ASOS Cold Shoulder

siamese twin // ASOS // margot meanie

siamese twin // ASOS // margot meaniesiamese twin // ASOS // margot meanie

I’m fairly certain I am over doing it with the mirror effect, but I just can’t help myself, especially when I get a pretty good stitch and things line up all creepy like!

What I Wore:

I am seriously infatuated with this dress!  I know a lot of plus girls shy away from sack dresses, I used to as well, but this feels so chic AND it has pockets!  Dresses with pockets are forever in my heart!

//Cold Shoulder Swing Dress – ASOS
// Wedge Platforms – Bamboo – Urbanog
// Cuff & Earrings – Forever21

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