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I just want to give a HUGE Thank You to Michelle over at Zaftig Times, she shared a post titled “10 Alternative Plus Size Bloggers You Should Be Following” and kindly included me in the list!  She featured some amazingly fierce ladies,  I recommend you go and check out the list and see if there is anyone you haven’t been following yet!

It’s really an honour being mentioned amongst these names, as I’m relatively new to blogging but falling deeper in love with it everyday!

I also want to thank all of the wonderful new followers that have sought me out!  I really am overwhelmed by the love this community gives!

You all inspire me so much.  I’m feeling a lot of gratitude right meow.

Much love!

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April 16th // My Birthday

Today is my 32nd birthday!!!

I love celebrating my birthday and I’m not ashamed to have a me me me day!

Not only is it my birthday, but as of this week, I am also embarking on a new chapter in my life!

This blog has become very dear to me and I find myself wanting to focus on it more and more.  I also have a huge project in the works that I’m also so very excited for it to come to it’s fruition!

Anyway, back the birthdayness, here’s a little taste of what my birthday has been all about so far!

birthday in bed // April 16th // My Birthday

birthday in bed

Presents from my main squeeze // April 16th // My Birthday

Presents from my main squeeze

I just want to thank you all for following me!  This blog has brought me a lot of joy and I love the focus and direction it is heading.  I get really excited about new posts and interacting with so many inspiring bloggers!


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Fan Girl Finds from ECCC

Last weekend was Emerald City Comicon, so my friends and I packed up and headed down to Seattle for the weekend.

Our weekend was full of fun stuff, like watching cosplayers, checking out Alan Tudyk’s panel & playing tabletop games.  But mostly, it’s shopping.


It’s basically a huge shopping mall for nerds of any and all sorts, which is awesome!!

Though we did acquire a Firefly board game expansion & I finally purchased my first two sets of dice my biggest finds this year where actually all clothing.

I really tried to rein myself in and only purchase things that I knew I could incorporate into outfits that I would wear on a somewhat regular basis.  I think I was fairly successful too!

So here are my top finds from this years ECCC.

BMO Sweater // We Love fine //

// BMO sweater // We Love Fine //

I Am Vader Tank //  We Love Fine //

// I Am Vader Tank // We Love Fine //

I totally scored at the We Love Fine booth!!

I absolutely HAD to get the BMO sweater (ps, they have a pretty sweet Lumpy Space Princess sweater too!).  I scoped it out on Friday and went back early Saturday to purchase it! I didn’t even see the Vader tank until Sunday, it was a total impulse purchase, but one I am not feeling any regret from.  I already own the X-Wing dress by her universe, so it’s nice to have both the Rebels and the Empire covered in my closet now.

Deathly Hallows Crop Tank // Android Sheep //

// Deathly Hallows Crop Tank // Android Sheep //

I had also spotted this Deathly Hallows crop tank on the Friday and figured if I was still into it on Saturday I’d nab it too! I was a little apprehensive of purchasing at first, as it is a one size only.  But the girl working the booth was a similar body shape to me and said she wears it all the time.  So I figured, whateva’ whateva’, and if it doesn’t fit how I’d like, I can easily alter it with some lace side panels or replace the back with chiffon.Nerd Nail Wraps by Espionage Cosmetics // margotmeanie

I literally SQUEED when I saw these nail wraps by Espionage Cosmetics!  I had originally saw them featured on Gamerwife and I totally wanted them then, so soon as I saw them in person I knew they had to be mine.  I ended up with the “Time Lord” and “Make It So” sets!

I plan on putting them onto fake nails so I can wear them whenever.  Though, they did say if they are applied correctly, they can last up to 3 weeks!  That is some pretty impressive wear, so I may change my mind on the fake nail thing.

Last item I splurged on was on was a total temporary, none clothing, none accessory, complete indulgence.  I purchased Serenity, Tardis & Dalek gourmet chocolates from The Truffle Cottage.  Man, they were sooooo good!! I’m seriously considering joining the Novelty Truffle of the Month Club!


So, expect some nerdy type outfit posts to come in the near future!!


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On Wednesdays We Wear Black // Patricio Oliver

I am madly in love with these illustrations by Patricio Oliver.  They are based on characters from my favourite spooky show, American horror Story: COVEN.  I think he really captured the essence of each girl so well and I think the style is divine!

Fiona Good // Patricio Oliver

Cordelia Foxx // Patricio Oliver
Zoe Benson // Patricio Oliver


Myrtle Snow // Patricio Oliver


Madison Montgomery // Patricio Oliver


Delphine LaLaurie // Patricio Oliver


Marie Laveau // Patricio Oliver

Marie Laveau

Misty Day // Patricio Oliver

Misty Day

The White Witch // Patricio Oliver

The White Witch

Nan // Patricio Oliver


Queenie // Patricio Oliver


Balenciaga // Patricio Oliver


Even though this season is done, I still can’t get over how much I enjoyed this years story.  But more than anything, I loved all of the styling that went into this year.  The fashion was on point, the set was immaculate and the camera shots made it so beautiful to watch.

I just might need to run another feature on Patricio.  Not only does he have a really great style (which makes me reminiscent of one of my favourite artists, Shag), but he also has great taste in nerd culture that he uses for many of his pieces!

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Memento Mori // Good-bye to a dear friend

I’ve been laying low this week.  I had some posts I had scheduled and some that were in drafts, but I put them all away or postponed them for the time being.

On Monday, I received the horrible news that my oldest and one of my closest friends had passed away.

I have been devastated since.

I will miss my friend more than words can say.  I feel I have lost a piece of myself.

She & I had a strange connection, something not everyone understood.  We had our ups and downs, but through and through, we were linked by something strange and intangible.

I’m just so saddened by this news.  I’ve felt denial, bewilderment, sadness, regret, anger, the list of emotions could go on.  But mostly, I just think of how much I already miss her.

I’ve been on the fence on if I would actually post this, but she was such a huge part of who I am and how I came to be, that I had to share, as painful as it is.

We were weird girls together, most people labelled us as “goth” but really, we were just weird and we got that about each other.  We would so often know what was going on in one another’s head, it could be spooky.  Even when we no longer lived in the same city, we would find our selves thinking of the other at the same time.

We went through some moody, self discovery, experimental times together.  We would spend our time listening to music and casting spells, we’d take photos of each other in attempts to either be alt models or to just be artsy, we’d stay up way too late to take walks around unsavoury neighbourhoods or stay in and swoon over Conan’s string dance.

We had a fake band that was the best fake band in all the land, we made up some funny songs singing along to some really bad tracks by a indie metal band that had stalked us around the neighbourhood to give us a copy.  We thought they were going to attack us, but we held hands, looked at each other and I could see it writ on both our faces, if shit happens, we will kick their asses.  We never took any guff.

We used to watch our favourite movies over and over and over again.  I can’t tell you how many times she & I had watched Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, or Natural Born Killers or Rubin & Ed.  We had so many quotes that we’d turn into ticks and couldn’t stop saying over and over….”TAKE THE TICKET!”…”My cat can eat a whole watermelon!”…

Our motto was “Too weird to live, too rare to die” from Fear & Loathing.  She had gotten it tattooed on her the last time she came out to visit, I was supposed to get it done too so we could have matching tattoos.

I think that is something that stings me the most.  “Too weird to live, too rare to die”  She was special to me, she was the most wonderful kind of weird, but she was too rare as well.  She wasn’t supposed to leave.  This world has lost something beautiful and weird and far too rare.

She was funny, beautiful, bright, moody, smart and she’d never believe you if you ever told her any of it.

I loved her.

I will always miss her.

Good bye, my lovely friend.

With Starry Eyes

I’ve been promising myself to finally start rereading The Mist of Avalon and I finally picked it up last week.  I just love this book, it makes you look at things around you like they are a little bit more enchanted.

Rune Guneriussen is an installation artist who makes fairy rings and other otherworldly displays out of lamps, books or furniture set in natural settings.  It’s so magical and whimsical and very much from the other side of looking glass.

1 Rune Guneriussen #15 paris 011 A grid of physical entities - 2012 by Rune Guneriussen Rune_G Rune_G_9_1Hr.tiff Picture 004 Evolution_02 - 2005 - by Rune Guneriussen Evolution_03 - by Rune Guneriussen guneriussen 011 The mother of all good things - 2006 - by Rune Guneriussen Rune_G_4_2HR


Rune Guneriussen, born 1977, in Norway. Education from Surrey Institute of Art & Design in England. Live and work in eastern Norway. Is an artist working in the transition between installation and photography. As a conceptual artist he works site specific, primarily in nature.The work on objects started in 2005, and has been photographed on locations all over Norway.

It is not as much photography as it is about sculpture and installation. The long oneman work on an largescale installation is a process triggering the artistic genom. This process involves the object, story, space and most important the time it is made within. It is an approach to the balance between nature and human culture, and all the sublevels of our own excistence. The work is made solely on site, and the photographs represents the reality of the installation itself.

As an artist he believes strongly that art itself should be questioning and bewildering as opposed to patronising and restricting. As opposed to the current fashion he does not want to dictate a way to the understanding of his art, but rather indicate a path to understanding a story.

Hope you enjoyed these!  If you’d like to see more images like this, check out my {with starry eyes} or {art} boards on pinterest!

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Time Travel

Oh, How I wish the Doctor and his TARDIS would pop into my life sometimes!! Or to have a personal holodeck programmed with all the best parties in history & literature.

I am totally a golden age romantic.  I idolize many time periods and truly wish I could have a slice of that cake.

Frank Miller

Photo by Frank Miller
(whole set of photographs were found here)

I dream of partying with Marie Antoinette all Rococo’d up, drinking champagne and nibbling macrons, or getting in deep with some very mystical and dangerous magic with Morgaine le Fey.  How about slugging back whiskey & beer, listening to jazz and bopping around Manhattan & Harlem in the 50′s as a beatnik, or I could be a Bohemian Queen in 1920′s Paris, hanging out with great painters and writers (seriously, Midnight in Paris is one of my dreams!!).  Let’s go get rowdy and low brow with some Vaudeville or some follies.  I could easily go for ripping it up with some original Riot Grrrls or play around with Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick at the factory or I could have afternoon tea & a session of making preserves with the likes of Anne of Green Gables.   

1933 erotic postcard

1933 erotic postcard

bikini kill

Bikini Kill – Photo by Pat Graham

andy and edie

Andy & Edie with Chuck Wein

It’s all so lovely, so romantic and so appealing.

Luckily, I am living in and making my own golden age.  Though it does not seem quite as glamorous and romantic all the time, you have to remind yourself that it was not always parties in those days either.  They definitely had their own share of monotony, hangovers, bills, work, being broke or just plain too tired to go out. While most of us are dealing with all of those things we have our share of amazing adventures, debauchery, intimate moments and entangling dramas (though, I do try to shy away from the drama).


Hemingway - the sun also rises

I still find myself wanting to return to those other times though and for that, I am determined to read more books from my favourite time periods.  After I finish reading Mists of Avalon I have decided that I’d like to be in the head space of the writers of Paris in the 20′s.  I will begin with The Sun Also Rises, it will be my very first Hemingway.  I also plan to read A Movable Feast.  I have read The Great Gatbsy by F.Scott Fitzgerald before but it was a long time ago.  The movie was so lovely and total eye candy, but I’d like to refresh myself with the book to remind myself of some of the finer points in the story.  I’ll also give This Side of Paradise a whirl.  And I figure, why not give Zelda Fitzgerald a chance, so Save me the Waltz is in my reading list as wellAnd I very much want to read The Autobiography of Alice B Tolkas by Gertrude Stein, she was so influential during that time period.

zelda fitzgerald - save me the waltz

Stein - the autobiography of Alice B tolkas

I want to be whisked away and inspired.  I’m quite certain that this will facilitate that.  I’m also quite sure it will inspire a few more parties I’d like to host!

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RANT! Staying Body Positive in a Body Negative World


I am angry.

I’m angry at myself for not standing up for something I feel really strongly for.

A few weeks back an acquaintance was laughing at a meme or a screen capture or some nonsense a friend sent him.  It was a photo of a naked, plus sized girl sitting on a bed, the image was cropped so it was just her torso, her breasts hanging on her soft belly rolls. It was compared to a head shot of Homer Simpson.  He showed it to me and instead of expressing my anger, I shrugged and looked away.  He thought It was hilarious and shared it around to a couple people after showing me.

I cannot even fathom the bravery this girl had to share this very personal photo of herself.  I’m quite sure it was submitted to a body positive blog on tumblr.  I follow a few of those blogs.  These photos are usually an F you to the world, a bit of empowerment to a group of people that are made to feel shame for no other reason then they do not fit the ideal.  While she was posting this image to a community that is about empowering each other and making each other feel good and comfortable with our bodies.  It was taken, mocked, made fun of and turned into the exact opposite of it’s intended purpose.

I’m mad because I let the joke continue.  I’m angry that these jokes have a real effect on girls and their mental state.  I’ve been the joke before.  I know the pain of being the punchline and I didn’t like how it felt.  I’m mad at the insensitivity and thoughtlessness in thinking I, a plus sized girl,  would find humour in making fun of my body type.  And lastly, I’m mad that I didn’t speak up and  let him know how insensitive and thoughtless it was.

I’ve come to terms with my body and I don’t let it hold me back from feeling stylish or happy or sexy.  But that doesn’t mean I’m ok with people making fun of it.  It still hurts to be ridiculed, directly or indirectly.

I worked at accepting who I am, at not hating myself because I carry extra weight.  Life is too short to spend so much negativity on your body.  I don’t believe I am glorifying an unhealthy lifestyle, I am just living my life and don’t think anyone deserves to be bullied because of appearance.  “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”

be kind

I wear what I want to wear because I like to have fun with fashion and I don’t think I should let my measurements get in the way of my expression of who I am or let it dull my personal style.

I get compliments like “You don’t look like a normal heavy girl” Or “She doesn’t carry her weight like a fat girl”, or the ever so famous “Pretty for a big girl” these are such back handed “compliments”.   What is wrong with being fat?  What is wrong with having a shape & style?  Why does there have to be a tag on any compliment given?  Why can’t it just be, “She’s pretty.” ? There seems to always be a reason why someone is not good enough.  Too fat, too skinny, too tall, big nose, lank hair etc etc etc.  Why are we hating on our bodies so much?  Why are we tearing others down?  We are so often left feeling like we don’t live up to what we should be.  If we all have different shapes and styles why don’t we find ways to play up what we do have?!

“Skinny jeans are for skinny girls”,Spandex is a privilege, not a right”, “Don’t you think that skirt is a bit short for your thighs?”  FUCK THAT NOISE! Don’t tell me what to do!  People that say those things are under the assumption that I am here to impress them or that I am in need of their approval. I dress to impress…MYSELF.  I do not take in to account what others will think of me.  Do I like it? Because that’s all that matters.  Be true to yourself.  The more stylish ladies out there of all sizes, the less people are going to feel compelled to make a comment.

“Why are YOU so dressed up today?”  Because I feel like it.

I remember a high school teacher once telling my class that she was in a workout group and the instructor asked all the women in the class to raise their hands if they were happy with their bodies, not a single person raised their hand.  It was a shock to my teacher since she admired so many women in her class, she thought they had perfect bodies, but those women didn’t see it.  She, herself didn’t see how great her body was.

I’m so thankful that she shared that moment of hers.  That lesson has been carried with me ever since.  It’s changed how I view bodies and even though it took a lot of time for me to come to terms with my own body, it’s made me ever mindful that no one ever feels like they can live up to what society thinks is the “right body”.

So if no one feels they can live up to that standard, why not create a new standard?  Or better yet, why not just celebrate who you are?

I don’t know what I would say if that image was shown to me again today.  But I don’t think I’d sit back and let it be a joke in my work place.  I don’t want to be a body positive nazi, but maybe I kind of do.  Ideas won’t change unless someone challenges them.  I feel like I rage a personal war on body perceptions everyday in the clothing choices I make and the way I present myself.

I am fat, I am stylish, those two things are not mutually exclusive.

fuck haters

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2014 Hopes & Resolutions


So I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions.  I’m not normally a resolution type of girl.  But I’ve been finding myself thinking a lot of what I want and hope to accomplish this year and almost everything comes down to blogging.

Housekeeping and making a schedule are tops on my list.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • I’d like to tighten things up and make my topics a bit more streamlined and easy to find. I need to get rid of a few topics and make it look snazzy on my left side bar. Maybe 5 main topics and a random one for everything else.
  • I’d like to figure out some sort of “media kit” and a better way to “contact me”.  I’m still so new to blogging and I hate to fall for all the blog articles out there, but everyone keeps talking about media kits and how important they are.  Hopefully at some point this year, I’ll figure out how I’d like to do that.
  • I’d like to focus on features more.  I’ll keep “Friday I’m in Love” as a weekly feature, but “Wishlist Wednesday” will probably be turned into a monthly feature and I’d like to add some sort of feature on tattoos as well, Since it’s a topic I know a lot about.
  • I want to make an effort to post OOTD at least once a week, but ideally, twice a week.  This one is tricky, as I count on Mister Meanie to take my photos for me, so we need time on the weekends to get good shots with daylight and then I need him to e-mail me the photos.  So I’ll be counting on him and bugging him on a regular basis to get these photos up.  I also hope to save up for a new camera and a remote so I don’t have to rely so heavily on him for those photos.
  • I want to feature stylish shopping for plus size girls, of all price points.  Of course, they will be all geared to my tastes, because I have awesome taste ;)  but I’m sick of girls saying they’re too poor to dress stylish.  There are tonnes of deals to be found out there.  “there are no ugly girls, only lazy ones”  I would like to help the lazy ones find where to shop.  I’ve done a lot of searching and I’m still finding new places that have fabulous clothing at any price range.  It is a shame that 99% is online, but at least its out there and available!! Hopefully I can find some more local places too.  I’d love to find and feature local shops in my city or cities I like to frequent!
  • I want to be able to talk about issues that are often on my mind & I hope to have a monthly or twice monthly rant.  I need to stop being afraid of writing about big topics.  I get nervous that I can’t or won’t be able to get my ideas or thoughts out clearly, but I never will if I don’t try.  The only way to become a better writer is to write.
  • Putting myself out there more.  That’s a big one.   I need to comment more on blogs I like and find blogger friends.  I’ve been finding some really great blogs and fallen in love with some of these girls and their style.  I admire them and would like to make friends.  I need to stop being shy, because being shy won’t get you anywhere.
  • I need to figure out if I’m where I should be with hosting.  As of right meow, I’m on and I want to look at options for moving to  I’m happy with how easy this platform is to manage, but there are some small things that I’d like to have control over.  I love my theme, but there are small things I’d like to change, like my front page.  I would like it to have my full posts instead of a weird teaser photo/banner thing.  It too choppy and busy looking for me.  I could continue to shop the themes available through, or I may just look into hiring a designer and getting a bit more involved with the back end and switching to .org.  I’d really appreciate any  input from anyone on their feelings regarding this.

I went out an bought myself a planner for blogging, so I can look at the month and see what I have coming up or if I need to plan for something.  I took my cues from The Dainty Squid and her Blog Planning post which I found quite inspiring.

I am set to attend The Blogcademy in June.  I’m not sure what I’m hoping to get out of the experience, but I’m excited to see what it is! I’m guessing it’ll help with that whole “media kit” part of my resolution.

Other than all the bloggy items, I would like to read more books.  Last year I read all of the Game of Thrones books, which were fantastic, but ultimately left me wallowing in a book hangover for months afterwards.  I just couldn’t get into reading anything else. I tried joining a small sci-fi book club with my friends, but found I’m too stubborn to be told what to read and when to have it read by ( though I’d love suggestions!!  If you have any you think I really should check out, please share them with me).   I’m starting the year off with re-reading an old favourite, Mists of Avalon and I’ll move on from there.

My other resolutions would just be to have as much fun as possible. Be glamorous when I want to, shut myself in and hermit when I feel like it.  Feel the magic moments that are presented to us, cuddle my kitties as much as possible and go on as many adventures I can with the love of my life and friends!

new year by Neil Gaiman

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I’m running a little late on the whole reflective blog thing.   As I mentioned, I’ve been pretty sickerly and have had zero energy for anything.  I’m finally beginning to shake the illness out and I’m ready to finally write  a few blog entries!

2013 was a very full year. It had some really amazing things happen and some very rattling things.  But on the whole, I’d say it was a good year.  It was my first year going to ECC (Emerald City ComicCon) which was a BLAST and really opened my eyes to how much fun cosplay is.  It also lead to my first time cosplaying at Fan Expo in Vancouver!  We’re already busy planning our trip to Seattle for ECC again and this year we will be cosplaying it up there!!

fan expo

In May I went to Florida to get my very first taste of Disney, which was magical, but even more magical, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter…..I have no words.  Or I have all the words.  The experience could not have been better.  (I was actually chosen in the wand shop, total witch over here!!!) Disney Studios was also hosting their Star Wars weekends and I found the droids I was looking for!!  R2 loved my hair, he actually squeed and zoomed up to me he was so stoked on it!

DisneyDisney hats Disney star wars  Hogwarts Honeydukes

In July we took the train down to Portland with some friends.  This marks the third year in a row we’ve made a weekend trip down to Portland, it might get a skip this year as we have some ambitious travel plans, but I really love that city!

portland 2 portland beer Portland

The summer wrapped up and back to school time struck.  We had been secretly planning a Harry Potter themed party for our friends since our trip to Orlando in May.  We kept it a secret and everyone guessing with a “save the date” event on facebook, but no info on the event at all.  Everything turned out great, but man, we really worked our buns off for that!  We’d love to host another HP party next year!

houses mandrakes1 potions

I also started my blog in September, and the Harry Potter Party was the very first thing I blogged about, you can see the original name of my blog on the photos.  As cute as the name was, it was a bit too much of a mouth full and I ended up shortening it to just my name.

Halloween was hot on the Harry Potter party’s heels and I was busy helping apply make up for Harvey Dent and Mr Freise.  Halloween is kind of our test run for ECC, as we were all Batman villians.

joker and the boys joker

You turn around and before you know it, it’s December!  X-mas is almost here followed by New Year and 2014, but not without one last trip!  We headed to Las Vegas for my sister in law’s birthday.  I think we did that town justice!  The earliest we went to bed was 3:30am.  We stayed in the brand new and very swanky Cosmopolitan Hotel and went for dinner at Thomas Kellers Bouchon for her birthday!  I may have done a tonne of shopping at the Forever21 there too, the plus size section is HUGE!  I really wish they would carry that line in more stores.

vegas bouchon vegas

In between all of these events, I made sausage at a local butcher shop and brewed my first batch of beer with a big group of friends.  I got some new tattoos, including a kitty stache on my finger and covered up my first tattoo with something AMAZING! My hair went through many colour changes and a drastic hair cut. I went camping with The Munsters and they’re adorable baby, Hazel Glenn and they’re two pups. I snuggled my kitties a ton, threatened to steal my friends kitty, Gir many times.  I took my monroe out, which I had for 11 years and got my medusa pierced in it’s stead (fuck, that really hurt!) and that brings us up to date!  Seriously, it was a hell of a year!

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