Gift Ideas for Witches + Weirdos

That’s right I’m not staggering my gift guides this year, I’m dropping two at the SAME DAMN TIME! Because the holidays are well on their way and we need to get shopping right MEOW! I compiled a Gift Guide for nerdy types which can be a total blast to shop for if you know what you’re looking for and then, I did one here for our favourite people that can be the absolute hardest to shop for hence, my Gifts Ideas for Witches and Weirdos, the ones that dig the macabre and mystical things in life.

Since witches and weirdos can be the hardest to shop for I figured it was best to show some of the things I know I wish for every year but they never show up. So not only does this act as a personal wishlist for myself to hand out to my loved ones, but it also will help all you witchy, dark souls trying to convey exactly WHAT you want with easy links to follow so our gifters can’t possibly mess it up! I know so many of our loved ones don’t even know half of these things exists, nevermind that its what would truly make our holiday season glow! I’m not gonna prattle on and on, lets just jump into what your favourite witch REALLY wishes for this holiday season!

Gifts for Witches + Weirdos

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Gift Ideas for WitchesGift Ideas for Witches

Witchy Plug Dangle Earrings | Moon dangle earrings

Gift Ideas for Witches

Spellbook Earrings | Divination Necklace { Dear Santa, please please please! }

Home Goods

Gift Ideas for WitchesGift Ideas for Witches

Aura Crustal Ring Holder | Planchette Sun Catcher 

Gift Ideas for WitchesGift Ideas for Witches

Fiendies x yeti & Friends Gift set | PyroPet Candles

Gift Ideas for Witches Gift Ideas for Witches

Astral Planes Throw Blanket { or throw rug if this item is sold out } | Geo Wolf Candle { more colours and shapes! }

Gift Ideas for Witches Gift Ideas for Witches

Moon Alter Wall Hanging | Spell Book Throw Pillow

Stoner Witches

Gift Ideas for Witches Gift Ideas for Witches

Moonstoned Witch Enamel Pin | Cauldron Pipe

Gifts Ideas for WitchesGift Ideas for Witches

Constellation Orb Pipe | Crystal Pipe
options if these are sold out: blue sandstone | florite | rose quartz


Gift Ideas for WitchesGift Ideas for Witches and DeathlingsGift Ideas for Witches

Basic Witches | From Here to Eternity | Witch

Gift Ideas for Witches and DeathlingsGift for Witches

Witchy Colouring BookSmoke Gets In Your Eyes | WTF is Tarot { this on is one my personal wishlist! }

Self Care

Gift Ideas for WitchesGift Ideas for Witches

Perfume Oils { they have new scents, these are my own } | Planchette & Board Soy Wax Candle

Gift Ideas for Witches Gift Ideas for Witches

Witch Baby Soap Bathbombs


Gift Ideas for Witches Gift Ideas for Witches

Kat Von D Saint + Sinner Palette | Anastasia Moonchild Glow Kit

Gift Ideas for WitchesGift Ideas for Witches

Black Moon Cosmetics – Black Metal Lip Set | Lunar Tides Hair Dyes

Craft Tools

Gift Ideas for WitchesGift Ideas for Witches

Rose Quartz Ruin Stones | Golden Thread Tarot 

Gift Ideas for Witchesgift Ideas for Witches

Tea Reading Cup & Booklet | Cauldron

You can check out my other postings for witchy types here, or check out my Gift Guide archive, I’m going through old posts and updating any links that are still relevant! And of course, check out this years gift guide for nerdy types here!

And if you’re an Amazon shopper, check out my new vanity URL they hooked me up with,! It has some of my favourite fashion finds that I have tried out and an vouch for as well as OODLES of cute gift ideas that will warm your favourite weirdos heart and fill their stocking! And if you really wanna help my holiday’s be merry and bright, go ahead and make my url your Amazon landing page or bookmark link!!

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Wishing you the most magical of holidays! 

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