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    YES! When I first saw those shirts I thought “oh no”….”I could never” that is what my brain sent me…and I thought WHY NOT? Why??? “You are fat, but you shouldn’t celebrate that”, “Don’t be so mean to yourself”. I am sure you have heard ridiculous things rattle around your brain as well. this post gives me hope. “Bitch? You should never…..” and “Fat Bitch??? No! honey…” but why not? Why shouldn’t I take those words tossed at me with spittle shooting from ugly lips and wear it with pride? Why can’t I be a Fat Bitch who Rocks this world? A larger than life woman who can be kind, compassionate and kill you where you stand if you hurt anyone around me? If that makes me a Fat Bitch, then so be it. I am a warrior woman and a Fat Bitch. Bring it on! (Thank you again for another post to remind me I am FAB however I am). Fat is just 3 letters stuck together and normal is a setting on my dryer.

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