Plus Size Tights with We Love Colors + Giveaway!

Ok, day light savings hit like a punch to the gut, only to be followed by some disappointing political news out of the United States. It’ s been a rough week kids! It’s time to start cheering ourselves up and what better way than adding a pop of colour to our fall and winter layers with some plus size tights and a little giveaway on the side?!

I tried We Love Colors for the first time last year and was really happy with the colour range they have available and the size range is decent as well. So I thought I’d try a few more colours this year for some variety to add to some outfits!

Gold Plus Size TightsMargot Meanie | edgy plus size fashion Margot Meanie | edgy plus size fashion

tights: footless microfibre tights in “gold” 1X-3X c/o We Love Colors | similar items to mine: dress: ASOS, boots: Penningtons , hat: boohoo, purse: forever 21

The gold pair seemed a little brighter and bolder in person folded up in their package than what I had wanted, I was a wee bit nervous, but once I put them on, they were exactly what I had hoped. I basically saw this photo on pinterest and knew I had to recreate this look, so here is my version.

The opaque on the footless tights seems to be stronger than on the regular tights, you can barely see my tattoos through them!

Navy Plus Size Tights:Margot Meanie | edgy plus size fashion Margot Meanie | edgy plus size fashion

tights: opaque tights in “navy”  c/o We Love Colors | similar items to mine: skirt: SWAK, jacket: Forever 21+ , hat: ASOS

This is probably the most colour I’ve worn all at once in a long time, but I thought the navy looked really cute with my ol’ trusty skirt I bought from forever 21+ so long ago, that the label reads Faith 21! haha!

This pair didn’t have a gusset insert like all the rest, I was worried they wouldn’t fit, but they totally did. Keep in mind though, that their tights run loooong, and I’m wearing these right up to my under bust.

Rust Red Plus Size Tights:
Margot Meanie | edgy plus size fashionMargot Meanie | edgy plus size fashion

tights:  Plus Size Micro fibre Tights in “rust”  c/o We Love Colors | similar items to mine: dress: ASOS, sweater: forever 21+ , fringe purse: boohoo

This look is probably the most in step with my day to day outfits. I gussy up when I’m leaving the house, but when I’m at home working, it’s usually an oversized sweater over something flowy and comfy with tights and fuzzy socks to stay warm in. The knee socks I’m wearing here are just old Penningtons stockings that I cut off at the crotch to wear as over the knees with opaque tights underneath, they kinda grab onto each other to stay mostly in place.


And now for the fun part! You have the chance to win a pair of We Love Colors tights to try for yourself! We Love Colors kindly offered to let one lucky winner pick any style from their website! This giveaway is only open to US residents, I’m so sorry for that to all my Canadian and international readers.

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    Oh my goodness, not just so many colors, but many colors on the same pair!! My favorites are the splash tights, pink/yellow, and the two with combos of pink/yellow with blue.

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    • 9

      It’s such I pretty colour!! After I ordered I questioned why I didn’t go for a green, but then the navy showed up and I was still happy with my choice, but now I need to order a couple more colours to complete my collection!

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    Waaaaaaaaay too many colors to choose from! 😀

    But my top three would be Black, because who doesn’t a good quality pair of black tights; Navy for the upcoming Fall/Winter season; and Amethyst

  11. 18

    I am so into the outfit with the rust colored tights! I want to know more about that scarf, too.
    Thanks for holding this giveaway!

    ~ Melissa

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