bye bye chub rub { plus a giveaway! }

Hey there peaches! I’m super excited to introduce you to what I think will be my savior this summer season, aka, chub rub season. Every year I see the posts and pleas going around, ‘what is the best solution for chub rub?’, we all know, the struggle is REAL! Like, blistery, swollen, sore, some times bleeding real. It’s zero fun in what is touted as the funnest season by many. Every year I plan on tackling this issue head on and finding the best options, because, I really, REALLY like to wear skirts in the summer and because having to stop to buy baby powder when you’re out on an extended walk with your pals while your exploring another city { true story } kinda totally sucks the big one! Especially trying to apply said baby powder when there is no private place, so you fill your paw with a handful of white chalky powder, hike up your skirt and messily spread it everywhere you can reach as fast as possible as to limit the amount of embarrassment…. only to have to repeat this routine within the hour.

NOT FUN! not at all.

I’ve also been known to employ the deodorant ploy as well, but it’s the same deal, you gotta carry a stick in your bag and reapply every chance you can nab a bathroom break. I’ve heard there are some tremendous products available out there from Lush and other anti chafing specific brands, but I just haven’t gotten around to trying them out yet. Every year I say ‘this is the year!’ and every year I miss out. I spend my unfair share of days in chub rub agony every. dang. year. because my standby tricks just don’t work all the time.

Meanwhile, there’s always shapewear shorts that you can don, as long as you don’t mind feeling like a squished, sweaty sausage, which, I do not.

Enter Thigh Society!

I was contacted a few weeks back by the lovely lady running the Canadian based company that was specifically manufacturing comfortable, moisture wicking, NON shapewear, chub rub shorts. I was skeptical, I’ve had my past run ins with shapewear shorts before, { what fat girl hasn’t? } I couldn’t stand how warm they were, or if you didn’t get them just right, they would roll down your tummy, or up your thigh and give a horrible thigh pinch line that looks awful under anything you tried to wear. But she was so nice and her insistence that her chub rub shorts where definitely NOT shapewear in any form made me curious. I figured, what the hell, might as well try them out and report back to y’all about how I felt. I had no idea I’d basically fall in love with them though!

So here’s the deal, she sent me two pairs to try out and report back to both her and you babes! We discussed my size and I felt I was between her two larger sizes, so I opted for the black high rise in the largest size, 3XL/4XL { 22-24 }, though she insisted her chub rub shorts were extra stretchy and very comfortable and wanted me to try them in the size down, so she sent me an extra pair of beige shorts in XL/2XL { 18-20 } in mid rise to try out as well.

She shipped them out and they arrived in less than a week! Which was kind of perfect as they arrived just before my birthday staycation to commence which meant I’d have lots of time to wear them around doing all manner of activities from going for lunch with a pal, hanging out around the house, grocery shopping at all the markets in the neighbourhood and even traveling on a plane and attending a wedding. I put these things through the ringer!!!

My findings; I’m smitten. But let me break it down by each pair.

Chub Rub shorts by Thigh Society review and giveaway on

the black ones; high rise 3XL/4XL:

Pros: They are super stretchy and comfy. One of my favourite features, no thigh pinch/roll. They stay in place on my legs, they really truly wick away the moisture, like, I barely notice if I’m sweating below the belt at all! I even don’t mind wearing them under my short short summer dresses, as I think they’re kinda cute! These shorts, in the largest size, fit me perfectly. I am generally a US 20/22 and I loved how these fit. Never too tight, they stayed in place on both my thighs and belly. I felt dry, comfortable and confident while wearing them each time and I never had an unsightly squish line under my clothing. In fact, I would consider wearing these as bikini bottoms too!

Cons: I wish they also came with a lace trim, how cute would that be peaking out from under a dress? I also wish the size range was bigger to accommodate more plus size women. However, I do believe these shorts will fit comfortably up to a 24 or maybe a 26. But I think if they could increase their size range, they would increase their appeal to so many more fat women!

Chub Rub Shorts by Thigh Society review on

the beige ones; mid rise XL/2XL:

Pros: The colour is great if you ware wanting to be less conspicuous that you are wearing chub rub shorts under a longer dress or sheer skirt. But I never really mind showing off my legs or what I’m wearing underneath a sheer skirt, I actually kinda dig the look myself. So I personally wouldn’t purchase the beige ones myself. You know me, all black everything.

Cons: I won’t wear these under a short skirt as I don’t like how the beige looks, it feels to me like if someone where to spy these under a short skirt, they’d assume it was shapewear, which I’m not down with myself. But it’s a personal aesthetic thing here. I think it would be great to include more colours in the line or even patterns so people don’t mind showing them off! I guess what it all comes down to is I’m not a fan a beige undergarments on myself ever. Additionally, the smaller size did not fit as well, but only on the torso, the thighs were still great, but there is the teeniest hint of thigh pinch, you can see it in the photos above. On my torso, they would slip down, especially around the bum region, every time I bent over, crouched or moved. So I think if I had tried the smaller size in the high rise, I’d be much happier.

thigh society

So, my advice, If you are wanting to try these out and you think you may be between sizes you can either opt for the larger size, or opt for the high rise.

oh, another pro of the high rise pair, is that I could pull them up enough to rest under my boobs, which can get mega sweaty! { swoobs! } The wicking capabilities really showed their qualities again, and minimized how sweaty I felt! Which in turn, has me wishing they also made day bras out of this stuff! { hey, there’s some fun ideas there Thigh Society, if you ever wanna branch out! }

Now, the the FUN PART!!!!

When I was approached to review these items, I turned it around and asked if they’d like me to host a giveaway to accompany the review. Everyone likes a giveaway! And I’m especially excited to offer this giveaway because I am such a fervent convert to these little thigh savers!

chub rub shorts { NOT shape wear!! } review and giveaway on margotmeanie com

Complete these actions for your chance to win a pair of chub rub shorts of your choosing. This contest is open internationally, so get on it and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is NOT a paid sponsored post, Thigh Society supplied me with two free pairs to review. The giveaway was proposed by myself and they kindly offered one free pair of the winners choosing for the giveaway. All opinions are my own and 100% true to my heart.

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Thigh Society chub rub shorts review and giveawayThigh Society Giveaway on margotmeanie com

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  1. 1
  2. 3

    Excellent post! If I win, I would like the black ones. As of right now, I use my spanx to contend with the chub rub, but I hate that because they are quite uncomfortable and super hot. Good luck everyone!

  3. 4
  4. 6
  5. 7
  6. 8

    I’m a huge fan of Thigh Society – I discovered them 2 years ago and I live in those shorts all summer. I don’t love beige either but I have a lot of light summer dresses!

  7. 9
  8. 10
  9. 12
  10. 13
  11. 15
  12. 16

    I’m so tired of not wearing skirts out because of chub rub! I wore yoga pants under a maxi skirt last year while walking in NYC. It was not exactly comfy, so I would love a chance to try one of these!

  13. 17

    Argh! it’s truly the bane of my summer existence. I just use a cut up pair of tights that are absolutely not moisture wicking any sense of the term. Plus, they’ve developed tons of runs so they’re a little spiderwebby and not in a good way.

  14. 19

    I’ve never been much of a dress person but that’s slowly been changing over the last five years. Wore a dress to a day festival and hated myself for a week afterward because of the chafing. That was the last time I wore a dress without leggings, so the last time I wore a dress in a season that wasn’t winter. These shorts are about to change lives, y’all.

  15. 20
  16. 21

    I’m with you. High waisted black over all else. Currently my solution is yoga shorts under everything. They tend to have a big, smooth waist band and swear wicking fabrics. I have a few shape wear shorts but they make me hate my life when I wear them. I don’t want something to reshape my body. I’m fine with my pooch. That’s what for and flares are for!!

  17. 22
  18. 24
  19. 25

    I would go for black high rise in the largest size.

    For chub rub I usually just wear regular leggings or I’ve got a couple of pairs of leggings that are cut into shorts. They’re almost like thick tights and they’re pretty sweaty and don’t stay in place very well.

  20. 27

    This is an amazing looking product!!! I have no go-to for chub rub, and I am really in to dresses right now, so this is a great find for this impending summer of HEAT! Lol… I especially am curious about the high waisted ones too.

  21. 28

    I’ve tried everything when it comes to shorts under my skirts and dresses but nothing has been successful 🙁 I’ve cut up leggings and tights and tried shapewear that rolled down my waist and up my thighs. I just want to wear cute stuff and not die from the heat! I would love to try these in the high waist style ?

  22. 29

    Would definitely love to try the high rise shorts!! My go to used to be just power or deodorant but that would never last. Then I discovered Bandalettes which were ok the first two uses but those stretched out and they roll. I just want something that doesn’t constrict and stays in place!!

  23. 30

    Ive literally tried everything for the chub rub, would love to get the black ones, high rise. They look comfy ?

  24. 31

    I am so excited by this give away! My old cotton bike shorts are slowly being shredded by my inner thighs! And to make matters worse the cotton makes me sweat in the heat. So to lengthen the life of my shorts I’ve been wearing leggings and covering up more. :(Even if I don’t win this I’m going to purchase a pair of these shorts, I wanna wear dresses without stupid leggings.

  25. 32
  26. 33
  27. 34

    I would love to try the high rise black ones. I hate chub rub it destroys my being comfortable and confident in a beautiful dress or skirt.

  28. 35
  29. 36
  30. 37

    Totally gonna buy these even if I win! Getting kinda tired of always wearing pantyhose everywhere. If I won I would get the high-waisted black pair. All black everything in my life, including clothes, hair and lipstick 😛

  31. 38
  32. 39
  33. 40

    If i were to win, i would choose the black high rise version. I usually just wear sports shorts under my dresses, for example volleyball shorts or any kind thats spandex but they always end up rolling down.

  34. 41

    omg these are amazing!! I already have so many outfits they would look so cute peeking out the bottom from. You could even add little lace decals yourself! These are going to be a lifesaver.

  35. 42

    I am so glad that I’m not the only girl that uses little shirts under her dress of skirt. I use those corrective pants, but they make everything sweaty and they cut off you circulation. I would really love to win this!

  36. 43

    I have been looking for something like this and have tried several brands already. Still searching for the one.
    Up until now, I`ve been using anti-chafing gel on my thighs, but it doesn`t always help.

  37. 44

    I would love to win the black ones high rise version so very badly! I need them, especially with summer upon us….the hot months that are chubrub causing bastards. I’ve tried everything to no avail, baby powder which I get more on the floor than me, small cotton bras, chaffing cream which seems to make it worse, Calamine that caused me to burn and run in circles like a donkey on fire. These are my last chance to save my inner thighs! #savemyinnerthighsbeforetheycatchonfire
    Jennifer aka @aglamoursoldier

  38. 45
  39. 47

    I buy 3x jockeys in the men’s section at Walmart for $13 I can’t believe they want to charge us $40 for a pair of underwear it frustrates me is kind of ridiculous…

    • 48

      I’ve tried boxer briefs before and they always ride up or get bunch over clothes. I find these ones stay in place, are really comfy and they wick the moisture away. They’re kinda awesome! I know they’re an investment, but I think they’ll pay off over time!

  40. 49

    I love this. I normally wear men’s compression shorts, but they aren’t very comfy. I’m excited to try these out.

  41. 50

    I would love the high rise black pair, sounds like a great pair. I just miss out on wearing cute stuff because I dread the chub rub and haven’t found anything comfortable.

  42. 51

    The high rise black pair! I found bike shorts on ‘women within’ ‘s page, but they get quite warm. I would LOVE to try these out

  43. 52

    I really want to try these out, I’ve never spent a summer in a dress without tights on and that gets so annoying 🙁 Bought some cheap leggings yesterday to cut up, but these seems way better.

  44. 53

    Oh these look amazing. It’s refreshing to know that there are people out there who understand that just because we’re fat, doesn’t mean we want to hide our shape with shapewear, but we still want to be comfortable!

  45. 54

    Amazing! Addition-Elle has some. Lake trimmed ones buy they are cotton and not moisture wicking at all. I can’t wait to try some

  46. 55
  47. 56

    I would live the high rise black ones. Everything I own is high rise and/or black so it would make sense haha!
    But seriously, am pleased to think about the possibility of no chub rub this summer!

  48. 57

    Oh this is perfect! I’ve been dying already with the hot weather starting up and long leggings to avoid chub rub (omg so painful!) so perfect timing and super useful post. Loving that they’re in Canada too. Will be ordering for sure now, thanks for positing your review Margot! 🙂

  49. 58

    I missed the giveaway, but I wanted to thank you for introducing me to these marvellous knickers! I’ve now got 3 pairs of Sloggis (I’m in the UK and wanted lace trim) and feel sexy in what my children are choosing to call my Granny pants. I’m delighted that I can wear shorter skirts and feel modest, while they think it’s hilarious that people don’t realise they can see my undies. Joy all round. Thanks ?

    • 59

      I really want a couple pairs with lace! I think they’d look so cute under ripped up cut off shorts or a 90’s style floral cami dress!

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