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Welcome to this years round of Holiday Gift Guides! Today I am starting off with something a little magical, and definitely appeasing my fellow witchy ladies who are still mourning Halloween’s passing for yet another year.

But fear not! There is no reason why you can’t bring a little spooky and weird into the next major holiday by getting spoiled rotten with beautifully dark items to adorn yourself and your home!

Or if you have a dark soul in your life you’d like to surprise with something fantastical but you’re not sure where to look, don’t worry, I got you covered!

Gift Guide | for a Witchy Woman


Maybe casually share this list with a loved one, or ooh and aww not so subtlety within earshot of your potential gifters! Hopefully they’ll get the hint, if not, just sent them the link and say “THIS!” haha!

What are you hoping to get under the tree this year?

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