The Design Collective For Evans @ London Fashion Week

I’ve been green with envy watching so many bloggers enjoy both New York Fashion Week and now London Fashion Week, but I have no right to be as I was granted an All Access media pass to Vancouver’s Fashion Week which is going on right now!!

I’ve been unable to attend any shows yet, but I’m hoping to pop into a quick one tonight right before I head to see LA Roux in concert {it’s been a good week, as I just won tickets to see her!} and then Friday night as well as Sunday night look like they will be fun to see!

The only thing is, there does not seem to be any plus size fashion showing in my neck of the woods.  But that’s where it gets exciting.  I’ve seen snippets here and there on instagram of the Evans show in London and I was really happy to watch the full show last night as it’s been uploaded to youtube, so I’m going to share that here with you guys!!

Watch this video and follow my favourite looks in the description below!

My personal favourites being:

Look 2, which is an amazing print and makes her bum look delicious, look 4 which is edgy and flowy and sheer, a trifecta for me! Seems like there is a designer changes as things get a modern/vintage twist.  Look 9 is making me truly feel contemporary flapper it definitely giving a nod to the era, but remaining truthful to the current fashion.  I appreciated the vintage Hollywood glam in looks 12 & 14, though I wouldn’t personally wear either, they are lovely and I love the fabrics used in both.  Look 15 continues with the vintage Hollywood glam and let me just say, I wish I had events to wear this amazing green dress to!! The structure & colour are to die for!!

The show takes another turn at this point {change of designer again?}, but just sign me up for that black button up dress already! I want it, gimme gimme!! {and c’mon, those visors are kinda amazeballs!}  I’ll also gladly take the sheer striped dress which, I believe, is look 17 {? I’m losing track} I have a similar waterfall pleather jacket that I purchased from ASOS last year {I believe it’s a New Look design} that would recreate the look perfectly! Look 18 is simple with nice detailing on the crisscross straps, I think it would fit in nicely to anyone’s closet.

Now I’ve completely lost track of numbers, but the asymmetrical periwinkle chiffon dress paired with that extra long gauzy cardigan just makes me dream of white sandy beaches, I’m down.  Why, hello there hi/low sheer peplum top, can we be friends now??  I kinda love that laser cut silver pencil skirt and I’d totally style it with the just mentioned sheer peplum!  I’m feeling that pleated midi skirt, it’d be a lot of fun in the summer, though, it could be fun in the winter too, all shimmering & icy!  I can picture it ice skating, you know, if I ice skated.

And then, there it is, the item I have been looking forward to with bated breathe.  I had only seen ever it so briefly on instagram, the sheer holographic dress!  I want it, like,  yesterday!! I was dying to really see that amazing sheer holographic dress!! I’m completely smitten!  I want to wear it with Chromat or Zana  Bayne or Teale Coco harness’s and accessories!! {which all brands cater to all body sizes!}

What do you think, what were your favourite looks?


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    Can I start by saying I NEED one of those sparkly visors, I mean I likes them a lot. Thanks for sharing this Margot, I kept hearing/reading all these negative comments on the line, but I think it’s fabulous. Of course not everything is my taste but it’s a strong collection and it’s awesome to see quality options in the plus size market.

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