// caturday #19 //

// caturday #19 //  Miss Bean // margotmeanie.com

// caturday #19 //  Detective Ashworth Grimes // margotmeanie.com

// caturday #19 //  Miss Bean snugs with Ashworth // margotmeanie.com

These are my fur babies!  Miss Bean, is now 14 years old and the sweetest little thing on the plant!  Detective Ashworth Grimes is only 3, but he is definitely a fan of wearing hats! (Mariko from gamerwife needed photographic proof!)


Happy Caturday!!


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        I think Gatsby is actually a French blue (Chartreux). He has yellow, not blue or green eyes and tiny, itty bitty kitten meows. He’s so quiet, it was quite the adjustment adopting Kala, the furry alarm clock.

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